Run 2177 by Grange

Date: Tuesday, 7th April @ 6.30pm

Hare: Grange  (Run 2177) (Scomo-02)

Start:  This is the second Virtual Run. The start is nominally at the Corner of Catherine St. and Mt. Vernon St. in Glebe. The Larrikins will complete their own runs and communicate using House Party, or some such Zoom, at 7:30 pm Meeting ID 234 129 304

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On Inn:  Cancelled.   

Hotline: 0402 904 550

Following Week: Run No. 2178: 14th April 

Hare:  Gee, I don’t know. This was to have been the Harriette’s Easter Joint Run, but I think it will be the Scomo-03 Virtual Run. 

Start: Cancelled

On Inn:  Cancelled. 


Please check the hareline to see when you are scheduled to hare a run. If you can’t make it, swap with someone else and let the Scribe know – just reply to this email.

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