2017 Boxing Day Run


IXL put his hand up for setting this run because most on the Committee were away on their travels. Bad News kindly offered to assist. Venerable delivered the buckets including drinks to IXL’s garage, both deeply appreciated by IXL.

It was a mild day and threatening rain held off during the setting of and after the run. The start was from the fabled “Grassy Knoll” and because of previous brushes with Council Rangers / Police the ON was to be in said garage.

With a surprising turn out of over 20 hashers, the Pack got off to an unprecedented early start despite grumblings in the ranks. The trail was similar to one provided for the Full Moon Run in November. It headed south roughly parallel to the main railway splitting to runners and walkers just after Wollstonecraft Station. [map to come]. The runners did a loop through the bush next to Wondakia and back generating heavy complaints about the number of steps from Platypussy and Amanda. Rejoining the walkers track at Wollstonecraft the pack headed back to home via Milner Crescent, River Road, Nicholson Street and Oxley Street. Both runners and walkers returned pretty much on time and apart from the steps not too many grumbles were bbheard. Pizzas courtesy of Dominoes arrived precisely on time at 17:45.

Bad News in the absence of most Committee Members agreed to take on role of acting RA and introduced his friend David an expert in robotics visiting from Scotland.

IXL made a brief announcement confirming that Mistletoe has regrettably been diagnosed with a return of her endometrial cancer. She understands that fellow hashers may want to contact/visit her during this extremely difficult period, but given her condition, she requests that any communications be limited to written ones either to herself or to IXL.bbbb

Run 2056 – Christmas in Cremorne

Run – 2056

Hare – Platapussy

Frankly & I arrived just before 5:30pm, and, to our surprise there was Kaffir sitting in the yard with a warm beer complaining that it was too warm for his liking, but understandably if the beer was to be cold after the run then 5:30 was far too early to add the ice!

With Venerable pottering in his kitchen we began assisting where possible, cups, nibbles etc. and Kaffir looking for shade in the 33 degree heat began pleading with Venerable for a cold beer having found the stash of ice. Eventually Venerable capitulated Kaffir now having paid his subs in cash he was allowed a single cold beer, and, that was it until the runners returned – so there!

A pack in excess of 50 had gathered and as the clock ticked past 6:30 we were set off for a thoroughly enjoyable  well marked, mostly bush run taking in the nearby parks, headlands and golf course.

Returning home we were greeted with plenty of cold beer and culinary delights with Hash Cash busy collecting money from the assembled crowd.

With the bucket nearing empty Frankly called the circle to order, first up, Curtseying and Walking Disaster for run reports, with scoring at 9.7 and 9.8 respectively they were given drinks along with our hosts Platapussy and Venerable.

With the circle closed, Jukebox carved the ham and Venerable busied himself piling us with assorted delights including delicious ham rolls and vegetarian samosas.

Mother was busy capturing Kodak moments that he’s yet to share whilst thew rest of continued eating and drinking into the evening.

A truly memorable evening, thanks again to Platapussy and Venerable for their incredible generosity and effort.

On On


Outa’s Summer Spectical

Run report 2055

Outa’s Harbour run report.

On a sunny Sydney afternoon, the Hash mob assembled around the Kirribilli Hotel. Ever present Venerables was holding court as the Kirribilli Hotel was filling quickly for a Tuesday afternoon. Something was going on and the hare went to investigate. Turns out a local guitar playing  celebrity (Ian Moss) was having a charity fun raiser as some villain had stolen all his equipment.

As the hare was setting the run and marking a check outside Kirribilli House, a local villain carrying a guitar, asked what I was doing. The quick thinking hare told him he was marking a meeting place for the drug squad who raiding the lower north shore tonight. Before I could blink he was off and left me holding the guitar…

As 6-30 tick by, I gave the map with explanations to the trial master, who was not paying attention as she followed the walkers thru the Milsons Point train station to leave the checks unmarked on the eastern side of the bridge. Sorry fetchit….

With that, the runners took off towards North Sydney and the walkers towards the station. As I was surveying the situation when all had left, Rocky and Berocca headed straight into the charity fun raiser, I had my toes run over by Double Pay driving his White VW  who was running late.

Some of the smart runners led by Impi who was on trail, headed into the back streets of Kirribilli. The hare then checked the beers were cold in the bucket and met the pack under the bridge to guide them across the Bradfield Park to catch the walkers.

Rocky radioed in to tell me Noddy turned up early from the run at the pub, surprise surprise.

As the hare was instructed not to have the bucket under the bridge he called in a favour from his son’s school St Aloysius and had the bucket in the school carpark.

The hare then went down to the Bradfield Park and gave instructions to the pack to where the bucket was.

As usual the numbers doubled at the bucket and the hash enjoyed very cold beer.

The circle was formed and the 1st run report by White Pointer was very encouraging with a 9.75, this was short lived when Fetchit brought the hare back to earth and minused 9. Next up was our irish visitor, didn’t catch his name because I was stunned when he opened his mouth and had a South African accent!

Up to the On On to find a very crowded Kirribilli Hotel to find I think Cold Chisel playing… 

On On Outa

Good run, interesting bucket and as always thoroughly enjoyed by all and sundry.

Thanks Outa

Stretchs Run in Balmain

Run – 2054

Hare – Stretch

On On – Bald Rock Hotel

There was a reasonable turnout of approx 25 humans and 2 dogs considering close proximity to Xmas. The rumnners and walkers started off on same trail by doing a couple of sets of stairs. At this stage Chimney had to find an an alternative route as his mut was a bit picky re gaps in stair treads.The run then tracked through some bush and park next to the eastern shoreline past the Water Police base. After a steep climb up a very narrow lane the walkers and runners split up. The runners then passed the overseas passenger terminal to East Balmain Ferry Terminal and along coast to Colgate Palmolive building where thy joined the walkers at and excellent sandy beach next to the Sydney tug HQ. The tide was out so access under the wharf was OK. It was then back to the Bald Rock through the village. The bucket was on the usual hill overlooking the city. Great food in the revamped ding area of the pub. It was noted there were no takers of the $65 special.
Chimney has posted some excellent pic with commentary on his face book page.

Bucket report from Frankly

Once again, I took on the job of RA as Sir Lance a Slut was not in attendance. Venerable did the run report and mentioned the number of “see-through” stairs that scared the shite out of the pooch, Ollie – not one, not two but three sets of stairs. Venerable however decided not to carry Ollie up the stairs this time. His comments included – great run, well-marked, good views. Score? 9 something but irrelevant nowadays.

Down downs were given to:

The Germans, Pretzol and Little Hun, who found a seat away from the circle. They were not allowed to get away with that!

K9 for mentioning we needed to wait for Double Pay who wasn’t there that night. This was then reverted to Mother who apparently was the first to make this announcement.

The circle almost over, Chimney arrives. Oops we had forgotten he had not returned. He managed to drink the Down Down before the circle got to sing the song but due to lack of interest (and because the GM was freezing her proverbial off) there were no more charges and we resigned to the Bald Rock.

Although Venerable, who didn’t attend the pub, pointed out the increasing cost of the food that he though most Larrikins would complain about, there was quite a merry crowd of revellers enjoying the food, wine and beer.

Good run, good on in – well done Stretch!

Christmas Run 2017

Join us for The Larrikin Christmas Run 2017


When: 19 December 2017, 6:30pm

Where: 76 Sutherland St Cremorne, NSW (Enter from Rear Please)

What’s On – Platapussy will set a run through the streets of Cremorne, Neutral Bay and Mosman while Venerable prepares a sumptuous feast of Ham, Smoked Trout with accompanying salads.


The cost for the night will be Members, $20.00 and non-members $27.00 this will cover the bucket and your meal.  

Colonoscopy’s Run Report

Run 2053
Hare Colonoscopy

The Mongrel declared that a boat load was ready with about 16 hashers to head off at 6pm, after previously complaining about the early start. The First boat set off on time at 6.10pm, even leaving All Fours , the TM, behind!. It was though the Mongrel, preferred to be running on dry land to being on a boat? Burning Bush also held up the boat leaving because she had to visit the ladies in the Marina. With her name, one can have no idea why she would not be used to using the bush on the run.

Living up to his name, Rocky nearly caused disaster on stepping into the tender boat causing it to rock, so was told to sit down in the centre of the boat to ensure all did not end up having to swim.

The boat trips were paid with a case of cold VB delivered to the Marina fridge before the run.

Only Berocca knew the destination, being sworn to secrecy, having thought it was going to be just too far away for her knee.

The second boat load including the TM set off at 6.30pm with Platterpussy having to run down from the car park to avoid missing the boat.

The boat arrived at Northbridge sailing club about 1 km away and the trail headed as far as possible around the rocks, luckily for them not as far as it could have been as the tide was higher than when the trail was set at 3pm.

The trail went up back past the end of the 202 bus and with toilet available for all to use including BB. Singapore Sling would have undoubtedly used these clean toilets in the past on his 202 bus route. The trail headed down to the water for more fab views from the bottom of Edward Hallstrom Close, with no exit along the shore as the properties extended right to the foreshore either, legally or illegally, necessitating a long on back up the hill.

In hash tradition it was down again through the bush above the shore line below Northbrid\ge golf links until eventually opening on to the golf links and going up via the new water reservoir on well marked flower. Knowing his way around, golfer Rocky was able to short cut up the hill across the fairways to the home trail.

Crossing Sailors Bay road, the runners went on an indirect route on the home trail down to the baths and the awaiting cold beers before a swim in the 50 metre pool for a few of the runners


Couple of South African visitors Foney and Brian, Brian we understand, but, Foney what’s that? Thanks Impi – appears there is some running group can’t recall their name, but, old or young you run at the same pace according to our African warrior.

Next up, the ice merchants – Colonoscopy ordered no less than 13 bags of ice via various conduits, me included, for this indiscretion Venerable, Mongrel and my self were duly awarded down downs, circle closed the BBQ began.

Thanks Colonoscopy, score 9. something..

The Kaffir Report

Run 2051

Hare Kaffir


Kaffir relaxed before the run

Unlike my last run I arrived at the start early to watch the team arrive at the Car Park.

KURTZING was first on the scene. As he was the TM he became a little agitated that I did not have a map or chalk with me. However I whispered in his ear the specific details-seemed to calm him down .!


Went thru Alexandria, Green Square – lots of development in these areas. Much to my surprise the Runners – including K9, Tripod arrived back at 7pm – the walkers back approximately half hour later at 7;30 pm.

After deep thought I came to the conclusion that the Runners were SCB -SHORT CUTTING BASTARDS [to use the famous expression of FLASHMAN].
ALL FOURS gave me 10 out of ten for the run – much  Booing and Hissing-JEALOUSY!

Retunee Baark & visitor White Pointer were given drinks. Baark is on an an east coast holiday due to a work injury – was he seeking legal advise?

TRIPOD told his usual joke-visitor WHITE POINTER also told a joke.


Over the road to the Regent Hotel SINGAPORE was at my table – he leaves for Queensland shortly – we will miss him – great guy. Also at the table were DOUBLE PAY and MOTHER F.and COLONOSCOPY.

At other tables were BRISSLE, LAUNDRO, PRETZEL & GRANGE. SAINT was there – minus her long finger nails [long story]. STRETCH had to leave early.




the Melbourne Cup Lunch Tuesday 7/11

Arrived early at RSL-VERY NICE!Had a couple of Pigs Ears

while waiting for team.First on the list was ROCKY.Next was a visitor

called NELL-He told me he had emigrated from South Africa-used to live in

Pretoria-that is where I go every year to see my sister-Small World.

The girls were all looking smart-BEROCCA,FRANKLY,ONE NIGHT,


I paid my 50 Bucks in cash to FRANKLY.She would not give me a receipt.

I found out later that this money had been transferred to an account in the Cayman Islands-Are the Larrikins involved in International Tax Fraud-Investigations continue!

LAUNDRO was on-as was TRIPOD with his sexy Hat.VENERABLE,PRETZEL were ON.FETCHIT-ON.

Sat down at the table next to DOUBLE PAY-he told me he is still working in his officein the Building at Double Bay-suppose one could say he is still ”BUILDING” up his business!

COLONOSCOPY was next to me with his RED tie-”better RED than Dead”!SQUEAKY also at table.

MCC was at table with a lady who he told me was his girl friends mother-MCC certainly gets the girls!

FOOD was sensational-especially the Prawns.I just had one complaint-No Rissoles!

As everyone knows the word RSL is in fact an abbreviation of RISSOLE.

So=Paddington RSL[RISSOLE] CLUB should have had Rissoles on the Menu.

I understand the Management is going to RESOLVE[RISSOLEve] the problem.

The TV SCREEN was great-very large-good for the Melbourne Cup!

I unfortunately-again-missed out on the Best Dressed Award.


Larrikin 2017 Long Sleeve T

Finally the GM has got her act together for the Larrikin T-shirt for 2017 that she volunteered to organise for last year’s committee.

What’s on offer?

A long sleeved t-shirt in Navy Heather with the Larrikin logo embroidered on left chest with Hash Name embroidered on the right chest.

As a number of Larrikins had already paid prior to the AGPU they will owe nothing but still need to place an order so we get the correct size (see list). For those members that had not paid for the T-shirt the cost will be $25. For non paid up members the cost will be $35.

To place your order complete and submit the form below today.

Orders close on November 28, 2017 and without your correct size your name will NOT be possible.

Paid for t-shirt 
4Little Hun
7All Fours
8Next Week
10White Rabbit
18Full Marks

Long sleeve T Order form

Hash Name

The Run that nearly happened

Run 2050

Hare Pretzel

Location Paddington Reservoir

Atendee – Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling arrived in time to draw Barrier 1 in the Sobriety Stakes, race 11 at Paddington.  His trainers noted that due to the length of the course, Singapore would require an infusion of Amber fluid to rehydrate.  Fetchit and Tripod made it to the starting barrier at the Reservoir but Rocky and Berrocca were seen heading the other way.  Venerable and Bristle had been sighted earlier but were rumoured to be recceeing the ON-ON at the Imperial Filly Stable.
Hare for the run, Pretzel, was an early scratching, replaced by a course designed by GM Frankly which bore an uncanny resemblance to Andy Capp contemplating his next drink – when you hold the map upside down.  Also mysteriously scratched were Impy, Afterbirth, Stretch and Sir Lance a Slut.  Grange, Little Hun and Mongrel were rumoured to be otherwise engaged at country meetings.
Race called and despite all efforts only Singapore made it into the barriers with Fetchit and Tripod late scratching due to invalid colours.
Sobriety Stakes were hence declared done and run and on-on to the adjacent Fillies Stable to check out the colour of the day – orange winning in all classes.
Great end to the Melbourne Cup Lunch and good for a score of 7.2 plus bonus 2 points for the quality of the ON-ON.

Melbourne Cup Lunch Report by Double Pay

This Year’s Melbourne Cup Lunch at Paddington RSL was the best Cup Lunch for 10 years.  There was an over abundance of large prawns and seafood that even the Larrikins could not finish followed by a wide spread  of meats and delicious sweets  It was great to have our own exclusive Room and Bar with extra large TV sets.
It was a great change from last year’s stand-up Pub Lunch with scrappy hand food.
Congratulations to FRANKLY and the Committee.  Excellent value for only $50.00.