Maxine aces the pack

Run Report: #2110
Date: Wed 26 December 2018
Hare: Maxine
As the Larrikins were such slackar*e basketcases nobody wanted to set a run on the normal Tuesday. Actually I don’t blame them – it was Christmas after all and nobody is that sad to run on Christmas Day surely? However, we were not going to let those diehard Larrikins down and cunningly attached ourselves to join the Harriettes on their Boxing Day run. The majority were Harriettes with a handful of Larrikins – Laundro, Pretzel, Next Week, All Fours, Bad News, Grange, Low Profile, Squeeky, Toothy Job. There was even a Poshman – Moshi wearing a 1982 tshirt.
The run looped around the streets of Willoughby with lots of on-backs and checks keeping the pack together (reminded me very much of the excellent runs that Ace sets!) The runners loop ended up at Chatswood with a total length of 8.2km according to All Fours who was trail mistress for the day.
Back at the bucket we illegally drank alcohol and sang songs! Shock and horror but no Rangers in sight! The council had at least eleven ‘Ban everything’ signs which must have been created for the Hash specifically – ‘No Alcohol, No Singing, No playing of musical instruments, No collecting of monies’… So, we whispered (loudly) the Down Down songs. The circle was presented by the Harriettes’ GM, Shortsheeter. A belated down down was awarded to Pretzel, who thought the run was to start at 6.30pm!
The ON ON was at the little High St Bakery. We were seated outside, along the pavement in the cool of a lovely evening enjoying a variety of delicious Vietnamese/Thai meals.
Many thanks to Maxine for setting the trail, ably assisted by Short Sheeter and He’ll Do and 9W who always drives the emergency vehicle around for Miss Maxine.
The Larrikins are so grateful to the Harriettes for helping them out that we’ll be joining them again on Wednesday 2 January 2019!

On On – All Fours

What! No boat trip?

Run 2109 – 18th December 2018
Colonoscopy @ Northbridge

Note: the Scribe received two excellent run reports which have been carefully crafted (i.e. cobbled together) into a single report. The Scribe thanks IXL and Colonoscopy for their prompt submissions but also wishes to appologies in advance for the bastardisation of their literary masterpieces.

Around a good 20 hashers set off on time heading west in the direction of the Hallstrom Reserve and then the Willoughby Leisure centre, being kept together by various on backs whilst the weather stayed cloudy.

The pack was temporarily confused whether to carry on Westwards or to head back via the Flat Rock future tunnel depot and creek track down to Tunks Park.

In fact it went around the oval and the 2 proposed sites for access to dig the tunnels for the Northern Beaches underground link to connect to the Gore Hill freeway.

As IXL remarked the bush area would never be able to be renewed after the tunnels were completed. Just as well K9 was not present, as he would probably wish to use the future tunnels for quick access to hashes from the northern beaches.  If the tunnel goes ahead to K9 satisfaction, this may be the last run through this pristine area.

From there the trail went down towards the creek and Tunks park.  The stepping stones made it easy to cross the creek, without obtaining wet shoes, luckily no excessive run off.

With considerable knowledge of the creek track, IXL  decided to lead the charge, temporarily confounding the usual front runners. But greatness and flushes of blood to the head cannot prevail too long  over common sense and having reached a walkers and runners split point at the corner of the Park he took the easier option while the runners went further afield around the edge of the pristine water and the many boats below the Northbridge golf course then back up through the golf course. Rocky having intimate knowledge of the golf course knew how to short cut across the fairways beating other runners.

Then it was on home to the bucket. Curtseying gave the report and the run deservedly was awarded 9 plus out of ten demonstrating considerable care in setting and trail marking and building on a series of other excellent trails set by Colonscopy in previous years.  An excellent run all said.

Outa remarked that we need more paid up members to get to 40!

Then onto Northbridge hotel for $5 Taco’s and $10 Nacho’s!

On On

We Avalon-g way to go for this run!

Run Report #2107 – Tues 4 Dec 2018

Hare: Starboard

Location: Avalon

Present: All Fours, Next Week, Starboard, Phantom, Jukebox, Low Profile, Squeaky, Mongrel, K9, Stretch, Rocky, White Rabbit, Fetchit, Donga, On Ya Bike, Pretzel, Laundro

The Sydney South Harbour H3 certainly lost its way this week with compasses, maps and apps we managed to locate the remote village of Avalon which was well and truly NORTH of the HARBOUR! We even had a visitor from the Northern Beaches H3 tribe – Donga.

Arguing who had travelled the furthest to get to the run, Mongrel won the argument of 44km from Five Dock. Even though Jukebox lives in Lithgow, he didn’t qualify as technically he came from Leichhardt.

Next Week was too busy chatting with the walkers that he was left behind by the runners and was not game enough to do a 4 way check on his own. He was first back to the bucket which worried Starboard that no one else was home yet and the kitchen was going to close at 8:30pm. Mongrel has learnt to follow Phantom’s short cutting which meant that he was not going to be the last in.

K9, going on a scavenger hunt found a lovely ornate mirror. He didn’t choose the largest, nor the smallest but picked one that was just the right size. He kept staring into the mirror and muttering “Mirror Mirror …” After a few beers, he was deemed the FAIREST of them all!!!

The trail was 7km with elevation of 99 metres. This virgin territory led us through Avalon, Clareville and skirted around Bigola Plateau and namely through the Angophora Reserve which didn’t disappoint with stairs, hills, bush and beaches. Fetchit gave a glowing run report, a high score of 1.5!

Squeaky was last in, but went into the RSL upstairs to find us while we were waiting at the bucket for at least an hour and were about to send out a search party.

A great run set by Starboard and thanks for a fantastic trip up the Northern Beaches!

On On, All Fours




It’s all about the run!

Run 2016 – Hare Pretzel

Run Statistics

Duration 27 minutes 56 seconds
Distance 3.04 km
Ascent 26 m
Descent 43 m
Step Rate 141 / min

Score 2

Run Report – Starboard

Starboard was bored so she completed 2 laps, noting that the trail master had done an excellent job of marking off the trail, on his only loop, thus shortening considerably the time taken for the second lap!

Good tight run, a little short, but, made up for with an excellent On On at Billy Barry’s Pub.

Thanks Pretzel

Rose Bay and beyond

Run 2105
Double Pay in Rose Bay

A pleasant evening welcomed a good sized pack of Larrikins. We were missing the GM and RA but gained 2 lovely Vietnamese hashers – a fair exchange in my opinion.

Most of us missed the first on-back and dithered around for a wee while before our TM found trail and we were off on our way to Point Piper – a pleasant enough little suburb with numerous lifts in sight but no ex-PMs to be seen anywhere.

A number of checks and on-backs kept the pack together as we went from the waterfront, past Cranbrook school, through Scots college and into the golf course before we were, rather suddenly, back home.

K9 made a (half) decent job of the circle and we welcomed Breathless back with us for the night on his way to the Bong Bong races. He and Jukebox were seen arguing all night about who looked more like Santa.

Our 2 visitors from Vietnam, Sloe Gin and her virgin friend were welcomed warmly but an attempt to charge All Fours on behalf of the RA was rejected and Next Week received a reverse charge for his trouble.

The trail looked a bit like a K9 too…

The Rose Bay club was like the Marie Celeste when we walked in, almost no one in sight but soon the barman appeared and we ordered drinks and food and, surprisingly, were served in quick order.

Here are a couple of photos from the races.


On On

Windy and windy in Drummoyne

Run 2104

Noddy at Drummoyne

‘Twas a blustery ol’ day when we arrived at the start and most Larrikins were sheltering in the club, only emerging at the last minute to start the run. And what a pleasant run it was, once  we were away from the water and the biting wind, it was almost balmy.
A good size pack of runners and walkers were treated to a tour of the area and a few of us, in an attempt to short cut, ended up well off trail and going a lot further than intended – justice I suppose.
Once back at the bucket the wind proved too much for us and the bucket was moved from the park with the spectacular view of the harbour to the adjacent loading bay surrounded by rubbish bins but offering good shelter for our circle.
Impy stood in as RA and ran a good circle with charges for 2  returnees – K9 and the Scribe and he even included the now traditional charge on behalf of Afterbirth for All Fours’ TM skills. Bren Gun justly received a charge for being beaten by a 92 year old woman in the Pan Pacific Masters.
Despite the bottle of ginger beer in Impys hands there was a distinct ‘slurming of worms’ in his speech that had a few of wondering what was really in the bottle.
On Inn to the club and a hearty meal and more booze, a perfect night out!

It’s all about the run

Run 2103

Hare Pretzel

We are constantly told that it’s all about the run, and being Melbourne Cup Day made little or no difference, it was just the run was different!

The day started at 11:30 when the doors of the Union Hotel were thrown open welcoming the crowd as they assembled for the traditional Cup Day lunch and subsequent festivities.

Thanks to Kaffir for supplying the following report:

​kaffir report-melbourne cup.
    ​As usual arrived early at Union Hotel at North Sydney.
OUTA was next on scene.Said he had to go back to work
for couple of hours.Asked me to do the Paper Work
in his abscence.I agreed provided HHH paid my fees-
$1,000 per hour.He agreed.I will be sending my Bill soon.
If not paid will consult DOUBLE PAY.

      The team started to drift in-NODDY,ROCKY,COLONOSCOPY.PRETZEL,TRIPOD.
JUKEBOX was there-hardly recognised him-long beard and hat.
Said he only lived in Lithgow at weekends=rest of week in Sydney.
NOT-NOT-good news.=just kidding!

     INTERSEXUAL was there-with hat.Girls-BEROCCA,SUE,LOW PROFILE
all looked nice.
   We then moved to the room at the back of pub for lunch-nice food.

     OUTA and IMPI took to centre stage-started Calcutta-big money from audience.
OUTA seemed to know a lot about history of horses-maybe he should get a job
as Racing Commentator.
    The air conditioning was not working-VENERABLE took charge-
opened all windows and doors next to street.
Always thought he was a ''Cool Customer''.
       HELLRAISER won the Calcutta--$600 !! She stood up-started to
wave her arms around.Ignored request from LAUNDRO to sit down
   I asked her to contribute $300 to the ''KAFFIR FOUNDATION''
-for homeless children-she Refused!
     ON previous visit to Union Hotel for Melbourne Cup
with HHH,I fell off chair which was not strong-hurt my back-$5,000 compensation!
  This year all the chairs seemed to be stronger.=maybe claim next time.


At 6:30 there was the obligatory run, Pretzel laid a trail and both Colonoscopy and Short Sheeter ran, and, we started the bucket and circle assoon as they departed only to be moved on, apparently the Union publician is responsible for what happens within 150 metres of the Pub. How would I know, just happens our intrepid GM is studying for his RSA licence, and, although he’s had 3 attempts at it he still isn’t qualified!

Runners back and run report given and with most present on the brink of getting tired and emotional it was time go home!

Thanks to the Committee and Pretzel for an outstanding day!

Greenwich, have I been here before?

Run 2102

Venerable at Greenwich Sailing Club

When arriving at the Greenwich Sailing Club parking lot there was  comments like” I haven’t been here for a long time” or” I have never been here”.  Scribe does not remember being there but that does not mean he hasn’t been there.
The hare announced that he forgot the map but there was plenty of chalk and flower so we should be ok.  The pack of around 30 assembled including the notable hash tragic Shithead.
Of we went, hugging the waters edge as there is a narrow section of section of the peninsula that had to be crossed outwardly and inwardly. Around Greenwich point where there were two walkers/runners split. Into a park with a Bush Walk sign. Halfway thru the park there was a back check which took the runners to Wollstonecraft Station. Luckily the scribe was far enough behind to hear Starboard calling after doing the Wollstonecraft loop. So running thru the backcheck the scribe was now a FRB. But not for long as the FRB’s zipped past except for Phantom who fell in the dirt while trying to pass. Making it back to the bucket the packed came back in over the next 15 minutes or so as the runners had to do the long backcheck in the park on the way to the station.
Great night to have a beer after the run. Afterbirth called the pack together and the run was awarded a ten but then a few points were taken off by the trail master Rocky as he got lost without a map.
There was chicken, a spicy Vietnamese mint salad and some of Venrerables famous dips for the grub and plenty of cold beer. Thanks to Venerables for a great bush run so close to the city in an area that seemed to have been overlooked by the Larrikins.

Curtseying’s little piece of history in Botany

Run: 2101

Hare: Curtseying

Captain Cook created history when he “discovered” Botany Bay, and at short notice Curtseying made history this week by setting the run south of the harbour for the fourth week in a row.

Chegwyn St was where it all started, the pack having been moved outside by Mongrel, who arrived with two mates, having returned from his Sicilian holiday screaming On On at the top of his voice.

The run took us into parkland following Foreshore Drive,  where mysteriously Impi & Afterbirth started seeing elephants and rhinoceroses drinking from the billabongs! Thinking nothing of it we continued, and, at the final billabong managed to frighten the shit out of some poor woman who was out walking her sulphur crested cockatoo – strange place Botany!

On we went with various members of the pack deciding to avoid further encounters with animals imaginary or real shortcuting home eventually leaving only Impi & Fetchit to complete the trail.

No automatic alt text available.

Back at the bucket, the pack had again swelled in numbers, Stretch, Rocky & Precious Pup having arrived by bus late for the start.  White Rabbit and Frankly were also there

Last in from the run was as expected Mongrel, but, no sign of his mates, whereby he informed us he’d looked for then in the pub, and, as they’d made their own way, he didn’t give a shit because he hardly knew them!

Lady Di gave the run report, 8.6, which the assembled pack thought was a little bit low. Bucket done it was time to move on for the On On and who should we find immediately on entering the hotel, you guessed it, Mongrel’s mates!

Good run, excellent hash venue, thanks Curtseying!