Run 2161 Report 17-12-19 Laundro at The Rotunda

Run No. : 2161

Date :  17/12/2019

Hare : Committee

Location : Rocks

Laundromat’s Report (The first of three)

Still lingering ON the south side, The Larrikins gathered at The Rotunda ON Observatory Hill. Good Christmas vibes and good Christmas outfits were complimented by a GOOD CHRISTMAS turnout – visitors from Wellington NZ, Harriette’s, Thirsties – some OLD faces, some just looking a bit old – Not you KAFFIR – I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t volunteered to NOT run and to look after The Bucket (What a guy!).

Difficult to set a good hash run in such familiar territory so the emphasis was ON a scenic stroll. In that part of town good scenery abounds – First a good look at Jamie Packers Phallic symbolic CASINO – around the Barrangaroo headland – ON around The Pier foreshores – under The Coat Hanger, ON to great view of the magnificent Opera house – past the Overseas Terminal, then ON through The Rocks – All in all good snippets of beautiful Sydney Town.

Got the run/walk out of the way and it was ON to the Chrissie bucket – and what a good bucket it was : Nibblies and Crackers (Well done caterer GRANGE), Carols (Well done choir master MONGREL). – must have been a good crowd and good times as WE RAN OUT OF SUPER beer. Good grief, what to do? A few down downs with no beer and ON to the ON ON, The ever reliable Harbour View Hotel.

Good food, more beer and red wine aplenty!

Very good turnout for a very good night.

ON and ON

There are pictures to tell a better story – ON the net, compliments of ALL FOURS………….. (Click on the Facebook link to see them).

Colonoscopy’s Run Report (The second of three)

Photos 1170 and 1174. Barangaroo Metro Station is below the scaffolding shown in these photos.

A new tunnel is being cut from the bottom of Blues Point Road, which is just across the water, to Barangaroo.

Not long ago we had a run past the work site for the tunnel at Blues Point.

To cut the tunnel to Barangaroo a special tunnel boring machine (TBM) is used which can dig a secure, segmented, concrete lined tunnel in the soft alluvial soils
below the harbour bridge.

This is different to the standard TBM’s being used from Mowbray road
Chatswood to Blues Point Road and from Barangaroo to Sydenham on the new Metro train line.

Perhaps we can somehow arrange a run through these tunnels later on.
Metro will be completed by 2024!

Photo 1177 shows the entrance to Barangaroo Park.

Did anyone see Photo 1179 on the side of a building under the Sydney Harbour Bridge? (It is under the southern hinge of the harbour bridge.)

Photo 1183. Did anyone see the dog in a pram at Circular Quay?

Photo 1187 was taken from the Rotunda and shows Packers Casino and the

Observatory Hill telescopes.

Kaffir Run Report (The third of three)

Arrived early at Observatory Hill. Pleasant evening. Smoke had cleared. Nice harbour view.

GRANGE was busy preparing food. I paid him 120 Bucks for my fees. Asked whether I could have some food. He said NO! He then said that the notes that I had given him were probably forgeries. He then smiled and said he was just kidding …   MONGREL, in a wild Red Shirt, was organising the Booze [LA PEROUSE]. He gave me a beer [PIGS EAR]. Must be Xmas – he is in a good mood!  KURTZING turned up. Said he had had a very slow tram ride from Central 

Station. He was going to complain to the Premier. He had recently been to UzbekiSTAN, KazakhSTAN. He was STANding tall. HA HA!


LAUNDRO had set the run. Off they went.

At the BUCKET. AFTERBIRTH was in good voice. Is he an OPERA Singer? ALL FOURS was taking the usual photos. MCC told me he is in Aussie for good. His girlfriend looked happy.

I told K9 I was the ”REAL KAFFIR”. He agreed.

STRETCH, OUTA, PRETZEL, MOTHER were ALL in good voice.



Run 2160 Report 10-12-19 Starboard at Birchgrove


It was a day that required planning as a run had to be set in Balmain and I had to work with Hellraiser in the morning installing curtains in Milsons Point. It also turned into the worst day in Sydney for smoke haze from the bush fires and tops of 36 deg C. You could almost feel the planets were aligned for a stuff up.  

Undeterred I left my car with running and Hash setting gear at Balmain East Wharf and hopped over to Milsons Pt on a very quick one stop ride. At this point you could make out the Harbour Bridge. 

Started work and the outside conditions worsened. Tripod texted me saying he had a P3 face mask which I could use to set the run. I told him I was working with Hellraiser and he replied we’d be safe as we’d be talking so much we wouldn’t be drawing breath. A further string of banter ensued as the air quality got worse and worse. I then called Colonoscopy to see if the run should be going ahead. I’ll get advice from the committee he said and sadly for those people he then seemed to engage them in many emails during the day. I would also have been bombarded by him except he copied them to the Walking Disaster variety of Liz. However a phone call to the right variety said it would go ahead as Beijing and Delhi were always polluted and it never stops the Hash. 

But the ferries were about to stop the Hash as emerging back at Milsons Point Wharf where you couldn’t see the other side of the Harbour Bridge, an announcement was made that all services were suspended due to lack of visibility. Those not geographically challenged will know Milsons Point to Balmain East is a long way by anything other than ferry, and I was not going to swim it. 

Never mind, Tripod had offered his help so I called him and he kindly came and picked me up effecting a sort of rescue as far as his house in Longueville. Where his car was left as he wanted to enjoy some drinks after the run so he’d planned on taking the ferry too. Now we had to resort to 3 buses to Balmain but he kindly ditched his first idea of sitting in the pub while I set the run and came with me to help. Finally by 4.30pm we had a trail for the pack to follow and we waited for them to arrive sitting in the pub as the air was less polluted there. 

By 6.30pm a cooler change and wind had improved the air quality but only a small pack of 14 braved the conditions. None of these included Colonoscopy or All Fours so Kaffir kindly ‘volunteered’ to be TM  Explaining the run was marked with double sided arrows and to ignore single sided ones I set the pack on their way.  I neglected to tell people the run was for runners and walkers should devise their own short cuts as basically that’s what Hashers do all the time so why bother wasting my breath.  My point was proved by Phantom who finished in 30 minutes declaring he’d lost trail as he’d outsmarted himself. 

The real runners Fetchit and Kaffir got back in 2 minutes over the hour declaring it was well set and covered most hills and sets of steps in Balmain.  Most people got back soon after though Squeaky and Double Pay were still missing by the time we’d adjourned to the pub. They came in after 2 hours explaining to Laundromat they couldn’t understand why as they’d followed the walkers trail. He took great delight telling him there wasn’t one!

At the bucket the run was rewarded a paltry 7 due to sending people up and down hills. Tripod decided as 2 people set it, that was 7 each bringing the total to 14. Kaffir said it was more deserving of a 9.7. Kurtzing couldn’t complain as a Starboard run wasn’t set on the wrong side of the bridge so all in all a good run. 

No one really cared though as the Dry Dock Hotel served up good and plentiful food to the 20 people who seemed to finish the run. 

Thanks to Tripod for saving the day and becoming the co-hare. 

On on Starboard. 

Run 2159 Report 03-12-19 Double Pay at Rose Bay

Run No. : 2159


Location : Rose Bay

Well, it shall be decreed that all future Larrikin runs are to be set in the middle of the Harbour Bridge… else to get a full pack???

 Here was The World Famous Larrikin Hash House Harriers gathered ON their preferred SOUTH side of the Harbour!

Here was CURT VON ZING and SENATOR and NODDY and even AFTERBIRTH (well, a short cameo appearance) – Yes, all the good South Siders!

 BUT, where were K9, ROCKY, BIG BONER, IXL, VENERABLE (All the best to PLATAPUSSY by the way) ——- Where were those North Siders?

Even SAINT was missing (suppose Gosford is a fair excuse).

 And so the run set off, well ON! Heading EAST towards Heartbreak Hill – but no, a clever loop at the start soon had us heading WEST past Catalinas  then along the Rose Bay waterfront . (Referred to as Nose Bay when I was a boy). Soon heading out to the Point Piper area – home of such minnows as Malcolm Turnbull (remember him?) and Ron Medich (where is he at the moment???? – better check with Lucky Gatellari)…

 Walkers and runners split when back ON New South Head Road junction of Wolseley rd. The last sighting of AFTERBIRTH.

Past “Fairwater”, the old home of Lady Fairfax and clan, recently purchased for $100 MILLION by Atlassian people…..ON to Woollahra Library…back up Victoria Rd..

MONGREL shuffling along, and COLONOSCOPY (busy trying to read a map and putting down arrows for no one – Thank the Lord for ALL FOURS).

Up towards Bellevue Hill past Cranbrook school – Porsches, BMWs, Teslas – the usual pick-ups.

Further ON to Scots College, about to build their new library (shaped like an old Scottish castle) for $26 million?!?!?! Life is tough out here in the East!

 Eventually back down the hill to a welcome BUCKET.

People NOT in the hash apparel were chastised. Down downs distributed.

Run awarded 8.9 – a great effort DOUBLE PAY!

 IN for the ON ON at Double Pay’s exclusive Nose Bay Venue.

Great run, great bucket and great venue…..THANKS DOUBLE PAY!

 ON and ON

Run No 2158 Colonoscopy at Northbridge Baths 26-11-19

Run No. 2158 26-11-19 Colonoscopy at Northbridge Baths

What may not be realized is the severity of the storm with little rain but tornedo type high winds for only several minutes just before 1pm when branches of gum trees came down in the area rather messing around the easily accessed trails that were checked 2 days before.  I drove out 700 metres then, returning home to avoid fallen trees and hail, to see trees knocked over in that short time.

Comments on various participants:

Doubly Pay and Squeaky were first to return, Squeaky with no blood showing.  One wonders whether they actually went into the Castlecrag bush trail strewn with trees?

Mother returned about the same time, how far did he go?

Double Pay said he did the whole walkers trail, however what do they say about believing a lawyer only when they are 6 feet under??

Laundro, after delivering very thankfully the bucket, arrived back from his walk, stating “ do not give out food there will be none left for others”.  There was plenty for everyone!

Fetchit- Complained bitterly about trail, not realizing above complaining that he took 75 minute to do 6.5 km.

He also expected insect repellent to be provided at the bucket!

It took 45 minutes to go from Northbridge baths to Castlecrag marina around the shore trail in Castlecrag which was strewn with fallen branches and trees. It was a 5 minute boat ride directly across 3 years ago!    

Funny thing is that is the same time it took me to set that part of the trail?  Has Fetchit slowed down or have I caught up to his speed??

Rocky came in with blood under his clothes he said, however did not reveal where initially…….

Two years ago, living up to his name, Rocky nearly caused disaster on stepping into the tender boat causing it to rock, so was told to sit down in the centre of the boat to ensure all did not end up having to swim. Refer enclosed photo from 2 years ago.

In fact this may be the reason the marina manager will not take us out again!

ALL FOURS was apparently the only runner who did the full trail, obviously because being on all fours she could duck under the overhanging branches.

As for NEXT WEEK – he must have had next week instead of this week on his mind!  However he did quite successfully massage my stiff calf muscle about 9pm!

Mongrel, arrived in with scratches on his body 

TRIPOD apparently tried to catch 3 different buses, but did not make the run due to chaos on the roads.

In fact the whole run only took 1.75 hours to set, so why did some take nearly 1.5 hours??

I wonder how many saw the blown over tree resting on a 2 storey house on Kameruka road on the home trail??


Phantom gave the run 10 out of 10. He even claimed he could run faster than Starboard?? We will take a rain check on this at her run in 2 weeks to obtain her version……….

Saint  gave the run 2 out of 10, perhaps because she is still making the transition from wearing thongs to runners??

On on


Run 2157 Report 19-11-19 Noddy at Drummoyne

A group of close to 30 Hashes grouped in a small park in Downtown Drummoyne definitively SOUTH SIDE on 19th November. Far away from the other side favoured by the North Side insurgents.

The walkers set off to open house inspections of the former home of Grange and the current abode of Noddy respectively. A brief viewing of a recently sold $2.5K residence followed.

Meanwhile the runners were exposed to Wrights Rd., Wolseley St., Georges Crescent and Alexandria St., renowned as some of the finest streets on the East Side of Drummoyne.

Next was a small drink at the Sailing Club, followed by a spot of shopping at Birkenhead Point outlet centre. Entrées were served at bay side fine dining venues of the Watershed and Aqua Luna.

We then wound our way through the various streets that make up the more affordable, West Drummoyne, again some fine homes! With a brief view of the mansions on Henley Marine Drive.

Mary Street introduced us to the newly constructed Aged Care Centre which most of the group qualified for admittance to!

Then came the two Primary Schools where the Grand and Great Grand children could be accommodated.

A multitude of Churches provided ample choice for those of any religions whilst the local Hotel catered to those whose main devotion is alcohol.

A couple of Coffee shops and a Chemist rounded out the tour!

At the bucket the acting Trail ( Master), or should that be the ( real ) Trail master, with the other being more accurately the Actor, was glowing in her praise of the trail. The only debate at the bucket was the legality of increasing the rating of the run beyond the arbitrary 10!! The absence of both Double Pay and Kaffir left it up in the air.

Food at the ON ON was described by many as delicious, and the negotiated 25% discount well appreciated.

Alas the unabashed attempt to promote the South Side fell on deaf ears as the afore mentioned North Side insurgents were mostly absent, having probably failed to find the Harbour crossing. Understandable I guess as the Coathanger  has only been there for some 47 years more than the advent of The Sydney South Harbour Hash House Harriers.

Editors note.

The trail was sponsored by Warwick Williams Real Estate Ph. 97198288 direct enquiries to Craig Davies! Memorabilia items will follow!!

Run 2156 Report 12-11-19 Chuck & Twin Dicks at Cammeray

In MONGREL’S absence ( . . or was it absinthe? (Google it )) the stand-in R A
was apparently feeling the HEAT and was somewhat affected or defected by it. He donned a heavy weather JACKET and BEENY as the TEMPERATURE PLUMMETED   2 degrees (or was he 2 degrees off his bearings?).

A RUN REPORT was offered by K 9 with a pre run score nominated at 8.5.
Although there was concern from the R A and a VOTE was suggested . . .  the PRE RUN SCORE stood at 8.5.

CHUCK and TWIN DICKS were both offered DOWN DOWNS for their (though mostly CHUCK’S) RUN SETTING EFFORT in the extreme HEAT of 35 ++ DEGREES.

BREN GUN was awarded a DOWN DOWN for drinking his beer from a wine glass. which seemed appropriate though somewhat slurred as he wined on about being a gentleman.

At this stage CELESTIAL’S “ better “ half of famous Harriette NYMPHO was about to be WELCOMED and offered a DOWN DOWN when a ring tail  . . . no it’s not a piece of jewellery  . . .  it’s a POSSUM,  appeared on the ROOF.

The HEAT must have got to the R A by then, as a verse was offered to the possum …
“So it’s GOOD NIGHT POSSUMS” as someone once said!! (It was Dame Edna Everage).

We’re off to Leagues Club




Run 2155 Report 051119 Melbourne Cup Report from Kaffir

Run 2155 Report 051119 The Melbourne Cup Run

Kaffir report

Arrived early at Percy’s place. Was fairly full, even at that time.  The name Peter Feehan was mentioned by the mob behind the bar. I was shown the reserved tables. As I had not booked, I sat by the window, watching the passing parade.

Berocca and Rocky were first to arrive, then Delilah – looking very smart.

Mongrel – then Laundro offered me a seat for 75 bucks – with no food. I declined. If the seat had been Cushy I might have accepted.

The team arrived. Grange, Double Pay, Pretzel, Mother and others.

Outa, assisted by Afterbirth, arranged the Calcutta. It was sensational. Most of the people in the room were interested. Well done Outa!

A great day. Well done, Laundro and others.


Run 2155 Report 051119 Melbourne Cup Run from Laundromat

Run No. : 2155


Location: North Sydney Hotel

As many would know, Melbourne Cup day is NOT a great run day!

Whilst ROCKY and some reminisced about the good old days -Leaving the CYC at Rushcutters Bay after a six hour lunch and setting off uphill ON a regular run – NOT for the faint hearted – how did we all survive?

But survive we did and a good group of 29 Larrikins and associates gathered at Percy’s hotel for this year’s BIG event. As all good committee people know, organizing anything for the hash is interesting – At first 12 bookings, then up to 40, then down to 22, then back to 36 but NO…..29 paid up starters! (Well we hope that AFTERBIRTH and DOUBLE PAY came good). Great to have Harriettes and friends!

PERCY’s proved a great venue – Good crowd, TAB, lots of TVs, beer choices, nice food, Wines, Larrikins, Larrikettes BUT, of course, The Main Event was THE OUTTA CALCUTTA – Yet again an excellent job by OUTTA and AFTERBIRTH and visitor JOHN. A lot of the pub crowd joined in the fun and the first prize of $1050 went to WOZZA (Not our Wozza). KAFFIR Keefe remained ON the sideline!

Oh yes, THE RUN – well, as the pack assembled – hang ON, there is FETCHIT, FRANKLY, SAINT, IMPI, ACE and PAUL, Big bearded SON-OF-MR Smart from Newcastle – where did these extras come from? Where is VENERABLE? Has COLONOSCOPY arrived?



WHERE? Around the corner in LAUNDROMAT’s Ford!



Ahhhhhhh, an unsuspecting visitor….Welcome CELESTIAL, nice to know you, are you keen to run???? YES, what a beauty – and so ON went the pack of 1 (yes ONE)!

Says he enjoyed it! Awarded it 9.5! Got a down down, or two!

Wonderful stuff – Fantastic bucket – AND, Laundromat’s car was still there in the morning – Phew!

ON and ON


The pictures tell a better story…………..

Run 2153 Report 221019 Fetchit’s run (Version A)

Run Report No. 2153: Fetchit’s Run 22/10/19 at Cook & Phillip Park, Version A

The preamble from the HARE, FETCHIT, was, “It is just a 6 km run. A good short RUN. With good short cuts. We all know the area.”

Strewth! A marketing WIZ!!

From somewhere in my mind came the song  

“Pardon me Roy. Is that the cat that chewed ya new shoes?
Track 49. We’re gonna make it on time.”

Casey Jones’s cousin joined us via PNG. He was a LARRIKIN 20 years ago.  Doesn’t drink beer but says that it is OK to bath in it. 
He has also done several major walks world-wide, including the KOKODA TRAIL… “QUITE a tough one that”, he said.

OTHER visitors from CHINA joined us again, though one is apparently 1/8 Korean. If I recall, his mate does MASSAGE. So c’mon team, maybe we should think of some names?

That could get the MASSAGE errr MESSAGE across!!

We were also joined by HASH ROYALTY in the form of LADY DI.

Good feedback from ALL on the trail with some  . . embellishment (Not sure what that is, but it sounds nice.)

Rating for the Run was harsh. There were shrieks (or was it SHREK’s ) of derision, “WHAT YOU MEAN? SCORE the run out of 6?”
The R A,   MONGREL, stepped up to the plate and firmly put his foot down.         “NO! The parameters CANNOT change. The RUN must be RATED out of 10.”

There were more HOWLS of derision but FINALLY something like 8.9 / 10 for a SCENIC water-front run via Lady Mac’s CHAIR, balanced out with many SEEDY back LANES was AWARDED.

Visitors, as ALWAYS, were WELCOMED with DOWN DOWNS and new versions of the WELSH, ENGLISH, KIWI and previously UNKNOWN National Songs to encourage the NATIONAL SPIRIT for the RUGBY CUP. 

Talking about cups (or glasses) ON ON to the pub and tucker. Anyone would think we are LARRIKINS.

On On,


Run 2154 Report 291019 Venerable’s Bush Run at Chatswood

Run 2154 Report 291019 Venerable’s Bush Run at Chatswood

The GM sent his apologies for not making the run.

It was a balmy evening as the pack gathered at the southern end of the Willis Sports Centre, Middle Cove, Chatswood.

At 6.30pm On On was called and the pack sprinted down the track to encounter their first on back then disappeared into the thick bush.  

Saint, Platapusy, All Fours, Next week, Frankly, Mother, Brengun & Mongrel were ON. Into the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School where the first check was found.

Fetchit went one way, Bristle & Colonoscopy another, Big Boner cried On On & the pack regrouped down to the North Arm track and to another On back.

Front runners Starboard, Afterbirth, K9 & Impy were seen returning from prickly bush, the 5th On back. Then over Scotts Creek Bridge where Tripod & Phantom had found the second check.

The trail followed the North Arm track to Sugar Loaf Bay lookout. Along this trail there were three exit points. The first was a bloody long uphill track to an On back.

The second was a trail through unusual rocks to the walker’s runner’s split and the third came to a check outside Edinburgh Castle, above Sugar Loaf Bay lookout. The On Home trail short cutted through houses along trails set up for the overhead power lines to Deepwater Road. Rocky was caught on the last On back sending him deep down into the bush.

After one hour with 3 checks & 10 On backs the pack, including Laundromat returned to the bucket.

Candlesticks, Pretzel & Squeaky got lost at the first On back and were not On.

Mongrel was the RA for the evening and called on Afterbirth to rate the run He awarded 9.5 for a Great Bush Run with no leeches.

Platapusy was called up for a down down By K9. He alleged that just before the circle Platapusy  was distressed that Ollie was missing and asked all hash to search for him. He was found asleep on the back seat of her car. Obviously tired after setting the run and then doing the run.

On to the Northbridge Hotel for $5.00 Taco’s & $10.00 Nacho’s where everyone had a great time.