Run 2166 Report 21-01-20 Mother at Harold Park

Mother set the run of the year

Before the run I started to talk about things that would be seen on the run – such as the new swamps that are being put in place by the council, which will breed mosquitoes, and the reinforced concrete sewerage viaduct – the first use of reinforced concrete in Australia which has lasted for 123 years to date, but Mongrel said, “Get on with it”.

Laundromat told me years ago that you could set a run by using an old run map and setting the run in the opposite direction.

Fetchit worked out that the run was the same as the run of 15 January 2019. I pointed out that the run was now in the opposite direction and that I had added another loop with views across the water and which meant that the run would be the right length and so would take 60 minutes to complete.

The run was 7.34 km long. Fetchit finished it in 57 minutes.

It was a pleasant warm evening. After recent rain there was still some smoke haze but it was a lot clearer than last week when the sun appeared only as a red ball in the sky.

The only criticism was that the runners were too spread out. That there were not enough on backs and the checks were easy to find.

Some runners and some of the walkers came back from wrong directions and so must have short-cut home.

There were about 32 at the bucket. The run report was given by Saint although she did the walk and not the run. Saint gave a Run Score of 9.5. The Mongrel told us about the council and the effort to put the swamp (and the mosquitoes) in place and added .08 to the score so that it was  9.58.

At the bucket were 2 Chinese visitors. One was given the name Dementia by the Larrikins. The other was a virgin and so was not named. Curtseying had his grandson Hugo at the run for the second time.

The Harold Park Hotel had a 2-4-1 night. The pub staff were very helpful. The food was good.

Run 2165 Report 14-01-20 Rocky at The Shakespeare Hotel

The start of the run was the Shakespeare Hotel in Devonshire St, Surry Hills – right on the new tram line, so it was a chance for people to catch public transport to the run which a lot of people did. There was a pretty good pack of around 30 hanging around outside the pub ready to go – even LAUNDROMAT was there on time which hasn’t happened since 1997! He blamed public transport. Maps were handed out to the walkers showing them a few good shortcutting options. DOUBLE PAY took one, but given his map reading skills that was a worry – but it turned out well.

The run started out on the neat little lanes around Surry Hills which kept the pack together until they crossed over South Dowling St to the park and the first of the two pedestrian bridges – which together cost a whopping $54M. The Albert Cotter Bridge is the one with the circular ramps that go on forever and no one uses. Although strangely it had horse shit on it. Many runners said it was the first time they had used it. The run then headed around the old SFS towards Paddo where it wound its way through the streets to end up at the entrance to Centennial Park. By this stage early short-cutters such as PRETZEL, GRANGE and DOUBLE PAY had taken the suggested mega-shortcut home down Driver Ave.

From here it was a bit of a gallop through the park and then the Entertainment Quarter, over the second bridge built for the trams before heading home. Front runners including IMPY and GOLDEN SHOWERS (visitor from Thirsty) came racing in on the 55 minute marked looking well fucked. Perfect! The rest of the pack came in over the next 10 minutes having used various shortcuts with MONGREL coming in just as we wanted to get the circle going, as always.

The circle saw GOLDEN SHOWERS give the run report, and he must have thought he was in a Shakespearean play (not just going to the pub) as he thundered out:

                Squishy lanes of Surry Hills

Pretentious parkways of Paddington

                Wide open scenery of Centennial Park

Well you had to be there. He then said it was worth 10 – which according to the Larrikin scoring system can only be awarded by the spouse of the hare – so he docked it 0.31 because he had to run in fast at the end with no checks so he could rest. What can you say!

On in to the pub which is seriously old school with good food and drinks in the upstairs bar. A top run and a good on on and on the South Side!  

Run 2162 Report 24-12-19 Grange at the Great Northern Hotel

Run No.: 2162

Date :  24/12/2019


Location : Chatswood

And so it came to pass……The Larrikins returned to the NORTH side for a bit of Christmas Eve cheer.

Much debate about “will anyone come?”, “should we?” but this is The Famous Larrikin Hash and a run MUST be set AND run. So it was ON!

As agreed twas to be a joint run with the Harriettes, always welcome.

Who else to set such a celebratory NorShore run but a former resident (And esteemed GM) – GRANGE. He did confess to getting a bit teary an emotional cruising his old bush haunts. But he sure knows the territory!

A reasonable pack of 20 or so strolled off from the start – well, a few did run!

Of course we set off to the north, across the top of the High School heading towards the former GRANGE homestead. Headed back to the west into the Ferndale Track. Beautiful bush – bit tough ON the ankles but all survived.

Eventually up a bloody steep hill to a welcome bucket in Sutherland Park.

Good bucket, good wine, good bubbles BUT where were the cups?

Well done MONGREL, grog in park, cups on his back seat – girls getting thirstier – do we smash the window? – do we go to the servo?………

Right ON cue MONGREL saunters in and saves the day.

We were even honoured with SAINT’s presence (Gosford is not that close – great effort by her).

ON into the ever reliable Great Northern Hotel.

Two for one night (of course).

ON and ON

AND for the daily double………….

Run No.: 2163

Date :  31/12/2019


Location : NOWHERE

Attendees : NOBODY

Report : Insert your own words here!