3RD  Jan- Tripod at Lane Cove

Run started from thefrom Tripod’s house. 12 Arabella St. Longueville
Entrance at back, off Woodford St.Who
If anyone had a problem working out where Tripod’s rear entrance was, the jumble of cars, the caravan shrouded in a large white Aldi tarpaulin and the four-wheel drive next to the driveway could hardly be missed.
It was a great turnout given the time of year with close to 40 hashers assembled including visitors. The pack set off pretty much on time in a westerly loop initially via the track which runs at the head of Tambourine Bay.
Mapmyrun sourced from Fetchit/Frankly FB post
Your Scribe on encountering the first of what looked like to be a large number of rocky steps took the easy way out and made a premature return to base much to the unsympathetic ire/derision of Herr Skinner.
As it happened the decision was fortuitous because only 20 minutes later the skies opened and a brief deluge sent us running for the cover of the garage.


Not long after after that Fitchett and Afterbirth were first back, resembling drowned rats. Afterbirh was wearing a T-shirt two sizes out and labelled IMPI just to confuse us all. Fetchit explained that they had returned via the out-trail because the rain had obliterated the trail marks. The map above may therefore be indicative only. Although an update is promised.

In the circle two visitors were welcomed: “Salty Snatch” travelling alone and from Iowa, USA; and, “High Beam” currently house sitting in Sydney. Salty Snatch explained that her name came about from her habit of taking tasty snacks with her on her runs. High Beam astonished everyone by saying she was training for an ultra-marathon. There can be little doubt she has already tired of our trail length and pace despite Tripod’s trail being above average in terms of run/kms.

Salty was invited to give a run report from the perspective of an overseas overseas. With disarming honesty, she said “I thought the weather was lovely because it made the experience more dramatic, but overall, as a hash, it’s been low on songs and spirits. I did appreciate the walkers’ trail and give it a 7.5,” she said.

Another returnee, more than visitor, Digit Digester is currently in Sydney while her home in Kiama is being leased.

We repaired to the Tripod family barbecue area and were treated to gourmet quality hamburgers to round out the evening. A great run and fantastic hospitality, thanks to the Skinners!