Run 2155 Report 051119 Melbourne Cup Report from Kaffir

Run 2155 Report 051119 The Melbourne Cup Run

Kaffir report

Arrived early at Percy’s place. Was fairly full, even at that time.  The name Peter Feehan was mentioned by the mob behind the bar. I was shown the reserved tables. As I had not booked, I sat by the window, watching the passing parade.

Berocca and Rocky were first to arrive, then Delilah – looking very smart.

Mongrel – then Laundro offered me a seat for 75 bucks – with no food. I declined. If the seat had been Cushy I might have accepted.

The team arrived. Grange, Double Pay, Pretzel, Mother and others.

Outa, assisted by Afterbirth, arranged the Calcutta. It was sensational. Most of the people in the room were interested. Well done Outa!

A great day. Well done, Laundro and others.