Run 2157 Report 19-11-19 Noddy at Drummoyne

A group of close to 30 Hashes grouped in a small park in Downtown Drummoyne definitively SOUTH SIDE on 19th November. Far away from the other side favoured by the North Side insurgents.

The walkers set off to open house inspections of the former home of Grange and the current abode of Noddy respectively. A brief viewing of a recently sold $2.5K residence followed.

Meanwhile the runners were exposed to Wrights Rd., Wolseley St., Georges Crescent and Alexandria St., renowned as some of the finest streets on the East Side of Drummoyne.

Next was a small drink at the Sailing Club, followed by a spot of shopping at Birkenhead Point outlet centre. Entrées were served at bay side fine dining venues of the Watershed and Aqua Luna.

We then wound our way through the various streets that make up the more affordable, West Drummoyne, again some fine homes! With a brief view of the mansions on Henley Marine Drive.

Mary Street introduced us to the newly constructed Aged Care Centre which most of the group qualified for admittance to!

Then came the two Primary Schools where the Grand and Great Grand children could be accommodated.

A multitude of Churches provided ample choice for those of any religions whilst the local Hotel catered to those whose main devotion is alcohol.

A couple of Coffee shops and a Chemist rounded out the tour!

At the bucket the acting Trail ( Master), or should that be the ( real ) Trail master, with the other being more accurately the Actor, was glowing in her praise of the trail. The only debate at the bucket was the legality of increasing the rating of the run beyond the arbitrary 10!! The absence of both Double Pay and Kaffir left it up in the air.

Food at the ON ON was described by many as delicious, and the negotiated 25% discount well appreciated.

Alas the unabashed attempt to promote the South Side fell on deaf ears as the afore mentioned North Side insurgents were mostly absent, having probably failed to find the Harbour crossing. Understandable I guess as the Coathanger  has only been there for some 47 years more than the advent of The Sydney South Harbour Hash House Harriers.

Editors note.

The trail was sponsored by Warwick Williams Real Estate Ph. 97198288 direct enquiries to Craig Davies! Memorabilia items will follow!!