Run 2162 Report 24-12-19 Grange at the Great Northern Hotel

Run No.: 2162

Date :  24/12/2019


Location : Chatswood

And so it came to pass……The Larrikins returned to the NORTH side for a bit of Christmas Eve cheer.

Much debate about “will anyone come?”, “should we?” but this is The Famous Larrikin Hash and a run MUST be set AND run. So it was ON!

As agreed twas to be a joint run with the Harriettes, always welcome.

Who else to set such a celebratory NorShore run but a former resident (And esteemed GM) – GRANGE. He did confess to getting a bit teary an emotional cruising his old bush haunts. But he sure knows the territory!

A reasonable pack of 20 or so strolled off from the start – well, a few did run!

Of course we set off to the north, across the top of the High School heading towards the former GRANGE homestead. Headed back to the west into the Ferndale Track. Beautiful bush – bit tough ON the ankles but all survived.

Eventually up a bloody steep hill to a welcome bucket in Sutherland Park.

Good bucket, good wine, good bubbles BUT where were the cups?

Well done MONGREL, grog in park, cups on his back seat – girls getting thirstier – do we smash the window? – do we go to the servo?………

Right ON cue MONGREL saunters in and saves the day.

We were even honoured with SAINT’s presence (Gosford is not that close – great effort by her).

ON into the ever reliable Great Northern Hotel.

Two for one night (of course).

ON and ON

AND for the daily double………….

Run No.: 2163

Date :  31/12/2019


Location : NOWHERE

Attendees : NOBODY

Report : Insert your own words here!