Run No 2158 Colonoscopy at Northbridge Baths 26-11-19

Run No. 2158 26-11-19 Colonoscopy at Northbridge Baths

What may not be realized is the severity of the storm with little rain but tornedo type high winds for only several minutes just before 1pm when branches of gum trees came down in the area rather messing around the easily accessed trails that were checked 2 days before.  I drove out 700 metres then, returning home to avoid fallen trees and hail, to see trees knocked over in that short time.

Comments on various participants:

Doubly Pay and Squeaky were first to return, Squeaky with no blood showing.  One wonders whether they actually went into the Castlecrag bush trail strewn with trees?

Mother returned about the same time, how far did he go?

Double Pay said he did the whole walkers trail, however what do they say about believing a lawyer only when they are 6 feet under??

Laundro, after delivering very thankfully the bucket, arrived back from his walk, stating “ do not give out food there will be none left for others”.  There was plenty for everyone!

Fetchit- Complained bitterly about trail, not realizing above complaining that he took 75 minute to do 6.5 km.

He also expected insect repellent to be provided at the bucket!

It took 45 minutes to go from Northbridge baths to Castlecrag marina around the shore trail in Castlecrag which was strewn with fallen branches and trees. It was a 5 minute boat ride directly across 3 years ago!    

Funny thing is that is the same time it took me to set that part of the trail?  Has Fetchit slowed down or have I caught up to his speed??

Rocky came in with blood under his clothes he said, however did not reveal where initially…….

Two years ago, living up to his name, Rocky nearly caused disaster on stepping into the tender boat causing it to rock, so was told to sit down in the centre of the boat to ensure all did not end up having to swim. Refer enclosed photo from 2 years ago.

In fact this may be the reason the marina manager will not take us out again!

ALL FOURS was apparently the only runner who did the full trail, obviously because being on all fours she could duck under the overhanging branches.

As for NEXT WEEK – he must have had next week instead of this week on his mind!  However he did quite successfully massage my stiff calf muscle about 9pm!

Mongrel, arrived in with scratches on his body 

TRIPOD apparently tried to catch 3 different buses, but did not make the run due to chaos on the roads.

In fact the whole run only took 1.75 hours to set, so why did some take nearly 1.5 hours??

I wonder how many saw the blown over tree resting on a 2 storey house on Kameruka road on the home trail??


Phantom gave the run 10 out of 10. He even claimed he could run faster than Starboard?? We will take a rain check on this at her run in 2 weeks to obtain her version……….

Saint  gave the run 2 out of 10, perhaps because she is still making the transition from wearing thongs to runners??

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