A Super Moon Super Run, and a Super month ahead..

Another Sunday arvo, another Hash Trash.. In actual fact it feels like I’ve already put together a Hash Trash this week, having written my contribution to the Larrikin Year Book on Friday, and sent it off to ALL FOURS who is compiling it. However, this is this week’s Trash, and it’ll be short. I received an email from MOTHER on Wednesday, but instead of including NT funnies it was instead his run report from Tuesday, which follows shortly. Not sure if there will be ‘flyers’ attached, promoting any of the remaining runs taking place during this committee’s tenure, but I do know that following PHANTOM’s run in Manly Vale this week, with its on-on at the Calabria Club, VENERABLE & OLLIE switch from PHANTOM’s Italian vibes and are instead getting the club in the Olympics Zone, with a Japanese On-On in Artarmon and who knows which Olympic run planned beforehand: my guess would be the 10,000 metres for the runners, the 5,000 metres for the walkers and the 100m for the bucket-only attendees! After that there’s PRETZEL’s Feierlichkeiten zum fünfundachtzigsten Geburtstag Run, set by his Schwager, LAUNDRO, in North Sydney, and then JUKEBOX is setting a STRINGBEAN MEMORIAL RUN at Royal Marrickville Golf Club, to which Botany Bay have been invited, so that sounds like a pretty excellent line up to look ahead to for May. Beyond that, the Larrikin website advises that CHUCK & TWIN DICKS are setting a run in the first week of June, but I’m not sure if that will be the last run of the current hash year, or the first of the next hash year: perhaps all will be revealed next week! Meanwhile, in lieu of any NT funnies, after MOTHER’s run report will come a few mildly amusing memes that popped up in the Scribe’s Facebook newsfeed, although the first (fart) one is courtesy of PHANTOM..
Run 2232 Report: Tuesday 27th April, 2021
Start: Car Park in Taylor St, Near Bridge Road Glebe.
On Inn: Kauri Foreshore Hotel, 2 Bridge Rd, Glebe NSW
It was the night of the Full Moon. It was a warm autumn night with a Super Full Moon prominent in a clear sky.
The Larrikins assembled in a carpark in Taylor Street, near to Bridge Road, Glebe. The car park is for the use of the staff of the local High School but no one objected to the Larrikins using it and so we avoided the usual complaint “There is nowhere to park in Glebe.”
The run was variously measured to be between 6 and 6.5 km. There was a Runner/ Walker split at the Jubilee Park Light Rail Station.
The first runner returned at 7:15 pm and all or almost all of the runners were back within the hour.
The walkers took a little longer. Mongrel was the last in. The Hare must take some responsibility for Mongrel’s misfortune. The Walker’s Trail was only marked for part of the way on the basis that the walkers were to continue in the direction indicated until they met the Runners Trail. Some of the Walkers were told this butMongrel was not.
“Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.”
Major Edward J. Murphy, US Air Force. (There really was a Murphy who developed Murphy’s Law).

The run was set in Glebe and so covered areas that have been covered before but the run went through areas of interest that were new to many as well as covering the excellent views from the edge of the Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay toward the city. The run was well marked except for the part where Mongrel lost his way.
Run Score: 9.99 out of 10.

20 of the Larrikins went to the Kauri Foreshore Hotel. The restaurant had been pre-warned that we would be there but the Fat and Slow Football Team were there when we arrived and were seated downstairs and so the Larrikins occupied the roof area. The restaurant managed to supply the food without too much delay.
A very successful night.

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