A week of firsts

This week Shoes lost his virginity and hared in the most challenging of conditions. His report follows and the Larrikins welcomed our newly named member – Sunbeam.

Run: 2270

Hare: Shoes

It was almost a wash out – and in some ways it was – but a very good turnout occurred for Shoe’s virgin run.

In typical Irish weather but about 20 degrees warmer, the trail was essentially wiped out in spite that most of it had been resent one hour beforehand. This left the hare along with Starboard and Golden Showers to lead the pack with Mrs Shoes directing the walkers.

The trail began over nearby streets, then into Queens Park, joining the new bicycle track and into Centennial park where the walkers entered the dog park and the runners heading Randwick’s tram line then taking the new bridge back into the park. The run was mostly flat but with long sections without any breaks and even Starboard complained that it was like fitness interval training – what hope was there for the rest of us?

At the bucket conveniently located in a nearby bus shelter, the RA held court as usual and invoked his rights – without giving the masses any opportunity to have an opinion – to name Peter Talbot as Sunbeam.

The On On was to the Charro Cross hotel where the mostly shaded beer garden should hopeful prove to be a Covid safe venue.

Sunbeam-Talbot Limited was a British motor manufacturing business. It built upmarket sports-saloon versions of Rootes Group cars from 1935 to 1954. As Clément-Talbot Limited it had made Talbot cars since 1902.

Clément-Talbot was bought by Rootes brothers in early 1935 and re-organised to make Rootes Group cars also branded Talbot.

In 1938 after some years of consideration the Rootes brothers dropped plans to make large luxury cars branded Sunbeam, added the name Sunbeam to Talbot and put the extra name on both the cars built in Kensal Green and the company building them.