All Two Run Reports from All Fours!

My thanks to All Fours for producing these two reports on behalf of Next Week and Afterbirth..
Run Report #2192 Tues 21 July 2020
Hare: Next Week
Location: Mosman Memorial, Alan Border Oval
This is Next Week’s run report from last week as he was such a slacker he’s delegated the setting of the run and even writing the run report to his trustee sidekick …
The run brought about a few that we haven’t seen at the hash lately, namely Lady Di, Lizard, Twin Dicks and Chuck.
We set off from the memorial, just behind the Mosman Library with the first on back at the end of The Crescentaround the oval. The pack soon peeled off for the walkers to cut across to Field Way past the Fire Stationand the runners continued down the hill. Venerable & Ollie disappeared into the night while Rocky thought the trail would head down towards Awaba Street. All Fours reassured him that there would be no way that we would run up Awaba Street, however we did cross over it several times.
Tripod, Fetchit, Rocky and Saint were given a few clues from the TM on several occasions to short cut as they were lagging behind. Rocky, being too enthusiastic continued to run down Spit Road towards the Spit Bridge direction. Fortunately for him, All Fours managed to call him back and he rejoined the pack along Killarney Street.
The run being superbly set, meant that we saw Starboard all throughout the run with on backs and checks. The runners eventually found themselves at Quaker’s Hat Bay before heading back down Awaba Street, Brady Street, across Spit Junction to home. Venerable being a local was pleasantly surprised as he thought the run was going to be the most predictable of running down or up Awaba Street and towards Balmoral Beach. Bren Gun being most impressed of all the steps, hidden lane ways and places he’d never been beforewas please as punch when Next Week gave him a copy of the beautifully designed trail map. Squeaky on the other hand couldn’t understand why there were so many on backs – he needed a lesson on what the difference was between a ‘Hard On’ and an ‘On Back’. He did have a slight melt down when he insisted that Afterbirth was picking on him. Bren Gun received a down down for insisting on All Fours being a Chinese translator, not for some important like reading the label on the Wuhan Virus Vaccine label but to convert his TV remote control which was converted to Chinese.
We then headed to Hotel Mosman for $12 steaks, having to make two separate bookings of 10 due to the Covid restrictions. Well, I must say that was one great run!
Run Report #2193 Tues 28 July 2020
Hare: AfterBirth & Impi
Location: The Doncaster, Kensington

The Light Rail run was an A to B run which promised intrigue and adventure. It started with All Fours alighting from the car and stepping into dog poo, then AfterBirth phoning Impi for directions on his part of the trail. He insisted that it was so well marked that the TM wouldn’t need a map. All Fours was sure that if she stuffed up the trailmastering tonight then AfterBirth would take another 2 years to forgive her. The most important instructions were that we were to take the Light Rail back toKENSINGTON but to take the KINGSFORD train, not the RANDWICK one otherwise we’d be ending up a long way from home, but if Colonoscopy asks, tell him to take the Randwick train!
We saw Starboard and Me Knob for about 2 seconds, before these gazelles ran off into the distant. Me Knob had seen trail at Central Station on the way to the start, so he knew that it would be a long, long, long run.
Next Week, Fetchit, All Fours & Ice Box were mostly together until we reached the Captain Paddington (renamed from Captain Cook!). We ran back and fourths (at least 4 times) to that intersection when we saw the Runner’s arrow but couldn’t see anymore trail so wedecided that we should head back towards the closest Light Rail stop (Moore Park) – we had already run7.5km!!! While we reached the station, we spotted Hot Dick & Mongrel just ahead of us and then Laundro bounded down the stairs as the train was approaching. It was a good call we decided to cut it short asStarboard & Me Knob were already on the train. I think they were the only two that ran all the way to Haymarket – it must have been about 10kms!
Back at the bucket, it was a hurried circle as the table at the Doncaster was booked for 8pm – what was AfterBirth thinking after setting what felt like a half marathon! All Fours gave an oral run report which she scored it a whopping -2! Impi insisted that his half of the trail was superb, it was AfterBirth that let them down! AfterBirth claims it was too hard to set good runs when he had to work. I think he needs to set more runs in order to improve …