An open letter from GRANGE.

Dear Grand Mistress  ( Hmm Spell check said Mattress  .. but it’s rong )

Re : My CORONA   as in Bucket ( itch really My Shirona you no as in the SONG )

So that BUCKET rhymes with SUCKIT ish in  “ Lockdown “ wich is a bit of a worry
There’s ALL this lo octane lite beer LEFT . . . a bit like WAY LEFT . . . like the silly truckers RALLY . . .  NO IMMUNISATION   in Martin Place
No NOT Martin as in K9 as in NOOSA’S   place right here or left here, if anyones left at this rate
But it’s the KILKENNY . . . like in the MOVIE  . . .Kill BillWell its all JUST ABOUT GONE  frothing’ and fluffin’ out the ‘ole in the TOP
FOUR PINES fruity elixir ’s GONE too
There’s shum GINGA beer  . . goes OK with the sheep plonk with WINE  the  WINGA I calls it
PURE BLONDE organic SHIDER I mean CIDER  . . . Oh I wish I was besider ,    lovely chune that musik
Which brings me tooo The ALDI BRIGGS Frazer Frothy hmm .. not much left ,  altho BRONZE AWARD it shows on the boxcorrell ection  EMPTY BOX
So it’s back to MORE ALDI beer SAINTE ETIENNE
But that Great Northern MID STRENGTH     Mid North Coast STUFF has corroded the topNOT to be confushed  with  CENTRAL COAST  or  SAINT  our member  . . . BONZA SHIELA  . . hey 
OOOPS sorry just schlipped  offa the chair 
IT’S ALL that  ‘AND  GEL  schticky schlippry STUFF
Oh there’s someone  D’MANDIN ‘ ta get   . . . OUTA ‘ear  . . . yep at tha FRONT DOOR  screamin’ it is
So PAUL  as in OUTA it’s ova ta you mate
Set a SAFE  RUN SHOMWHERE  na not ova the RAINBOW gawd singin’  agin’ nice chune , SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW  . . .