At least another 4 weeks!

This week’s zoom meeting was uneventful with only one guest, Bad News, and I’ll give you more news from Bad News latter in this post.

Laundromat can’t wait for Sunday to roll on so he can return to normal activities. For those of you who have followed his “Dry July” journey he has over achieved on a target of $500.00. However, at the time of writing he has managed to raise $1,206.11 for the Dry July Foundation. Should you want to contribute please follow this link –

After five weeks of lock down the Eastern Suburb’s members continue to hash. Above all we continue to follow the health guidelines. For instance, this week compliance is demonstrated by, Frankly and Afterbirth walking, and Shoes and I running. Similarly, our starting point for this week was the Birrell St Gate of Centennial Park, Frankly and Afterbirth inside, Shoes and me on the street.

If I’ve misspelt anything, or, if I am grammatically incorrect I get an email from Starboard pointing out my errors! Keep up the good work Starboard, you’re a champion.

I know we are a small club, but, have you stopped to assess the economic impact of the Larrikins not meeting on Tuesday’s?

My estimation is we contribute close to $1000.00 into the community each week. And, this is just one of the many impacts of the current situation.

Now for the good news from Bad News. Following my request during the virtual circle Bad News has supplied the various newsletters from the Hobart Hash chapters. To review what’s happening in real hash circles follow the links below.

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