Run 2182 Report 120520 Mother at Glebe

Run 2182 Report 12-05-20 Mother at Glebe (Scomo-07)

The Larrikins have run through the streets and the parks and so on of Sydney since 1979 and have never missed a run. Despite the Scomo we have continued the traditions. This has been the Scomo-07 run and this is probably the last of the Scomo runs. 

Larrikins who completed the run

Mother (The Hare), Impi, Bren Gun (was sighted traversing the run on a bicycle), IXL, Amanda and Grange.

The Bucket

Mother (The Hare), Amanda and Grange. 1.5 metres apart.

The Bucket was opened at 6:00 pm where the run ended, approximately 100 m from the Harold Park Hotel in a secluded part of the Harold Park.

Many people have said that European food and drink are vastly superior to those of the Australian tradition, but I am sure there can be little that is superior to drinking Peroni Beer and eating Smiths Salt and Vinegar Chips with pleasant company in a secluded part of the Harold Park. 

The Zoom Meeting

Participants: Colonoscopy, IXL, Fetchit and Frankly, Laundromat, Singapore Sling and ET (From Brisbane), Bad News (He has sent a map of the run he has completed in Tasmania), Tripod, Phantom and Starboard.

Bren Gun was unable to connect because he did not have the password.  Others may have had the same problem.

The Password

Zoom now requires a password for entry to a Zoom meeting. This resulted in some confusion. I received a text message from Fetchit that included the password (and nothing else). Immediately I received a phone call from IXL asking what the password was.

A Computer Nerd who was fixing my Wi-Fi network told me that the US Government has forbidden the use of Zoom because it is owned by Communist China and there are fears that it could be used for espionage. (Remember the ban on Huawei 5GL equipment?).

Has Zoom sought to convince us that our fears are groundless by requiring a password?

The Run Report

The run traversed the streets of Glebe and Annandale, It ran north along White’s Creek to Rozelle Bay and then to the east through the parks at the edge of Rozelle Bay and south along Johnston’s Creek and back to the start. There were no checks or On Backs. Because of the Scomo restrictions the Run Map was shown in the Larrikin Epistle for all to see. The trail went through parks as much as possible but runners had to traverse streets between the green bits.

The run included two loops for the runners that could be bypassed by the walkers.

IXL and Grange have provided photographs from the edge of Rozelle Bay that are shown here.

The comments have been that it was a good run and well-marked and set through very pleasant surroundings. 

Grange’s photo.

IXL’s photo


Bad News run in Hobart

Run 2181 Report 050520 Chuck & Twin Dicks at Neutral Bay

RUN 2181. 05-05-20, SCOMO-06 RUN REPORT

After setting a shit load and a lot more than necessary arrows on Monday, with Twin Dicks assistance, Chuck was delighted to redo the trail on Tuesday after the excessive overnight rain had cleansed all but 1 arrow from existence.  On the way back to the start on Tuesday morning, Chuck received a call from D’Amanda gabbling on about the lack of arrows.  After demanding a break in the chatter, Chuck discovered that D’Amanda and Grange were at the start and couldn’t find trail.  Hadn’t they noticed the rain!  

Setting off to remark the trail Chuck and TD quickly left the 2 slow coaches behind, puffing up Matora Lane to Young Street and across to Grasmere Reserve where the smell of Lemon Gums gently perfumed the damp morning air.  They had almost finished the 1.8km runner’s loop when another call from D’Amanda was grumpily answered to discover that they couldn’t find the walkers arrows at the split on Grasmere Rd.  “LAZY TITS” they were called, why weren’t they doing the runners loop – as if they had anything better to do!  The Hares continued setting the arrows down Benelong Rd and encountered a probable asshole coming out of his property, with wife and dog, and exclaiming that it was a notifiable offence to be having gatherings.  Apparently he was joking and then revealed he was a Posh man so who knows WTF he was going to do.  

Down some slightly slippery steps half way down Benelong Rd the trail came within a whisper of the out trail and then veered off along a little used trail to another set of stairs where the potential for an on back was so very tempting.  Down through the majestic little pocket of gum trees that are Brightmore Reserve, across Wonga Rd and into Primrose Park.  Here it apparently required superior hashing skills to follow the arrow down through the trees to the water’s edge and then see the arrows marked on the rock edge taking the trail around the water’s edge and through the gate on the north east side of the park.  This was a true test of “shortcut or a decent walk/run” or perhaps it was the child proof gate that put D’Amanda and Grange off and had them meandering back to the start after a paltry 2.5km walk. 

Up a few stairs a walkers/runners split sent the runners almost to Folly Point where an on back sent them back to join the walkers. A good trail is worth doing in both directions according to Chuck.  Back along the trail along the north side of Primrose Park to a tempting set of stairs should have lured those wanting a coffee, or a decent walk/run, up to Creek Lane, and across Cammeray Rd to the only cafe on trail.  

Returning to Grafton Rd, a young couple, with baby in arms and dog on lead, revealed they knew Bede (Venerables), had met him in the park on Monday, and how he would like to join the Hash some time.  Venerables please tell this man he is welcome to join Larrikins but only if he promises to babysit on Wednesday so his partner can join Harriettes on Wednesday night. (Maybe in the future if we are ever allowed to congregate again, etc., etc). It was decided that the pug probably wasn’t up to doing hash.

Back along Grafton Rd the trail then zig zagged down the side of Willoughby Falls.  At the tennis courts in Primrose Park a clear sign of “DON’T SHORTCUT” was probably ignored by most.  However the trail went left, along the courts and took in the dribble of Willoughby Falls, with surprisingly little water after so much rain.  From here it was across the field and to the stairs were the Hares found arrows laid by somebody else.  This somebody else apparently got to the 2.5km mark on Wonga Rd, thought they had walked 4km and then returned to the Start, laying arrows to confuse anybody else that might follow later.  So after much crossing out and checking, the Hares finished the reset and headed off home, stopping at the Grumpy Baker for the most expensive and well deserved caramel slice and Brownie they have ever purchased. Gotta keep these non-essential businesses going!!

On On


Chuck’s only arrow that survived the rain.

Upstairs to the coffee.

Run 2180 Report 28-04-20 Mongrel at Abbotsford

Run 2180  Report 28-04-20 (Scomo-05)

On the Zoom meeting were Stretch, Bad News (In Hobart), Mother, Laundromat, Mongrel, Fetchit and Fiona, Colonoscopy, Bren Gun and Grange (by phone).

Run report:

The following people completed the run or walk: Mongrel, Squeaky Clean, Mathilde, Bren Gun, Grange, Old Hand and probably some more that I failed to note.

The run started from the Cove Coffee Shop in Great North Road and went down to the ferry terminal, then to the site of the Old Quarantine Station, to Hen and Chicken Bay and then to another Coffee Shop/ Cake Shop.

Bren Gun noted that he had found a quote of Henry Lawson affixed to some place (this must have been at Henry Lawson Park, near the Quarantine Reserve) that seemed especially pertinent for a HHH run. In Larrikin fashion the exact quote could not be remembered but it expressed the following thought.

“If you have run the same trail that you have run before it is boring, but if you run a trail that you have not run before you enjoy it more.” 

Report on activities of the Larrikins during the last week (in view of the Scomo restrictions).

Stretch has downloaded the Covid tracking app.

Rocky has played golf.

Reg has played tennis, but only singles.

Bad News is still in Hobart and could not leave if he wanted to.

Fetchit has been for runs around Paddington.

Mother did his own run around Glebe.

On On


Run 2179 Report 21-04-20 Amanda at Thornleigh

Run 2179 Report 21-04-20 (Scomo-04) Amanda at Thornleigh

The Zoom Meeting “Yes, but it is quite easy to use!”

Twelve (or so) Larrikins joined the Scomo-04 Zoom Meeting.

The Larrikin tradition is that the run will go on. In this period of the Scomo restrictions, even if only two people are permitted to do the run together the run will continue. Larrikins can run or walk the set trail at their own time or do their own run.

Amanda and Grange set the run at Thornleigh and a map of the run was included in the last Larrikin Newsletter.

Some Larrikins observed the tradition that the run will go on as follows:

  • Bad News set his own run around Hobart and provided his own map, which is attached.
  • Mother did his own run around Glebe.
  • IXL and Walking Disaster and Grange and Amanda walked the trail set by Amanda and Grange at Thornleigh and see an attached photo taken by IXL of the trail.
  • Bren Gun walked the set trail at Thornleigh.

Protocols: In the days before Scomo-01, the Larrikins had de facto protocols in place at each bucket, but still had trouble in “forming a circle” and in deferring to the Grand Master or the Religious Adviser.

In the Scomo Run Period we need a protocol to govern the conduct of Zoom Meetings.

Since 1938 the reference for the conduct of meetings has been Joske’s Law and Procedure at Meetings in Australia, by Sir Percy Joske, written in 1938 and edited many times since them.

The Joske editorial team is working feverishly to develop new protocols for Zoom meetings and are dealing with a long list of matters like:

  • What if the participants ignore the Hands Up signal and talk over each other?
  • What about feedback noise from mobile phones and other computers?
  • How does the Religious Adviser successfully “Mute” all so that no-one can “Un Mute”.
  • Where do I find the “Mute Button”?
  • How do I communicate “Shut up!” according to the new protocol?
  • Should I place a desk lamp on the table so that others can see me better?

  The Fetchit Scomo Protocol: The working title of the new protocol will be the Fetchit Scomo Protocol, as Fetchit was clearly unhappy with the conduct of Zoom Scomo-04.  It was a shambles with people talking over each other.  The first draft is below.

  1. When you join the Zoom Meeting make sure that you click on “Mute”.
  2. The Zoom equivalent of the Grand Master or Religious Adviser is in charge (let us call him the Controller).
  3. If you want to speak, raise your right hand or click on the Hand icon on the bottom lower right of the screen. This puts a yellow hand next to your picture.
  4. The Controller will announce who will speak and the order in which they will speak.

On On



The Start of Amanda’s Run. Directions for Walking Disaster and IXL .
Larool Creek. Photo by IXL
As Seen at Larool Creek
Larool Creek.
The map of Bad News’ run in Hobart, Tasmania

Run 2178 Report 14-04-20 Easter Joint Run by the Harriettes

Run 2178 Report 14-04-20 (Scomo-03) The Harriette’s Joint Run 
THE EASTER HARRIETTE’S Run was a ripper (see their Newsletter).
Thanks Gal’s and IXL
So good ( and that’s not a milk label ) to get out into the fresh air and SHARE the run in our own time.

There were gentle hills and some bush track on offer, so it was a good chance to RUN or STROLL through the “wilds” of a quieter area of Sydney.

It seems that only Bede and Lynne, Rocky and Colonoscopy did the run. 

On the Harriettes 40 minutes Zoom Meeting there was also Mother, Fetchit and Frankly, Laundro and Bad News as well as Starboard (but not Phantom), Stretch and possibly more. Some or all of these did their own run. Twenty five people were visible on the screen and there must have been more, who were not visible.

Walking Disaster said that many people answered the quiz, but we do not, know how many. 

Run 2177 Report 07-04-20 (Scomo-02) Grange at Glebe

Run 2177 07-04-20 (Scomo-02) Grange at Glebe

Grange had set the trail in Glebe from the small park at Catherine Street and Mt. Vernon Street.

It was a warm, humid, pleasant night. At 6:30 pm it was dark since Daylight Saving had ended.

There was one runner. Mother was a Front Running Bastard for the first time in a long time. We found out later that Bren Gun had walked the trail at 2:30 pm.

A trail map is included in the notes of the run. The trail passed, or passed near to, The Friend In Hand Hotel, The Glebe Hotel, The Kauri Foreshore Hotel, The AB Hotel, The Nags Head Hotel and the Forest Lodge Hotel. All of them were closed though there were notices that take away food and take away beer was available.

There was a bucket that contained Peroni beer, which was very welcome.

At the bucket the two of us kept a “social distance” 1.5 metres. Amanda Fuchs had helped with the run but could not be at the bucket because that would have been in breach of the guidelines, but she was not far away, in her car.

Mother gave the run report and a score of 10. The trail was the right length and well marked and set through pleasant territory. Most important was that the Grand Master maintained the tradition that the run must go on. Despite the restrictions and in keeping with the spirit of the Larrikin HHH, Grange set the run so that only one of the Larrikins could run the trail and only one walk it.

At 7:30 pm we commenced The Zoom Virtual Bucket. Ten of the Larrikins connected.

These were Mother, Stretch, Bad News, Dances With Trees, Laundromat (in Tenterfield) (complete with possum). K9, Fetchit and Frankly, Afterbirth, Bren Gun and Colonoscopy. Fetchit had sent a separate email to the Larrikins with details of how to connect to Zoom. Thank you, Fetchit.

On On


Run 2176 Report 31-03-20 (Scomo-01) Afterbirth at Centennial Park

Run 2176 Report 31-03-20 (Scomo-01) Afterbirth at Centennial Park

Thanks everyone for the input on the first virtual run. The Trail was marked in the park and Impy, the designated runner, did the circle trail twice. No one likes a show off  but he was last back to the bucket – that will teach him.

I would have to say that the park after 5pm is worth a visit. Just about every female body that does not need to go to the gym – but does was there in their “active wear”. That is the name for skin tight gear that looks great at any time of the day. I guess there were blokes there too. Not sure.

Fetchit turned up in his active-wear and tried to form an illegal threesome at the bucket till an online summons from someone called Fi-Fi Diamond sent him, running off home. He had obviously got a better offer.

Due to the fact that the pack turned up as one at the bucket we started a bit early for the latecomers like Laundromat but the attendance was not too bad for a first VR.

Rocky, Berroca, Fetchit, Frankly and Reg got online but I know that many were struggling with the new app House Party and there were some dissenters e.g.  Inner, Outa and Tripod. But you cannot please all the people all the time and Grange, who is doing next week’s run, can certainly try out another.

At the bucket, Impy provided the run report and scored the run at 9.9. Just a fraction below the wedded bliss level. This was mainly, I think, for the shit bucket which only contained bubbly water for him, two good beers for me and some other undrinkable light beer I found at the bottom of my fridge. I tried to keep the bucket, at least, real.

Fetchit got a down down for anti-social behaviour and Rocky should have got one for attending the circle with no shirt on but I guess he was just trying to keep it real as well.

Reg, well what can I say? Throughout most of the online circle time he was walking and talking but luckily his mike was muted. Who said this virtual world was all bad.

The run is still there in the park and anyone is welcome to run it and score it till next week.

Over to you, GRANGE, for next week.


  • Record the run on line – Google or Strava
  • Take a bigger device with you e.g. an Ipad or make sure you and the Trail Master both have phones
  • Take a Bluetooth speaker if you have one – better sound
  • Set a time for the circle and stick to it – I did not
  • Take photos for reports, e.g of The Bucket
  • Everyone attending online needs to have on their hash gear – or get down down.

On On,


The Bucket

Run 2176 Report 31-03-20 (Scomo-01)  The Rocky Report

Thanks AFTERBIRTH for the run. Made me go out and do my own 50 minute run down to North Sydney and back – it was bloody humid so hence no shirt.

All seemed so normal – some people at the bucket early, some getting lost, running out of beer at the bucket, and people talking all at once.

Also – Inner called to say that Houseparty isn’t secure. There seems to be some misinformation being spread around, but it does have very loose default security settings in keeping with what it was meant for. Of course you don’t use the same username and password for multiple apps do you?

On On,


Run 2176 Report 31-03-20 (Scomo-01)  A virtual run

Afternoon all,

Are we all worn out after last night’s RUN…..???

Knock me down with a feather – I was LATE in logging ON 

Did a quick PARTY with FETCHIT and FRANKLY.

Hope you enjoyed the BUCKET.

I think that in these troubled times this has potential – well done AFTERBIRTH.

We await next week’s instruction!

Not you NEXT WEEK!

ON and ON


Run 2175 Report 24-03-20 Venerable at Mosman

Venerable’s ball breaking Mosman run

The start of the run was at Reservoir Reserve, Brady Street Mosman.  There were a couple of rotundas to keep us dry if it rained and garbage bins behind Hotel Mosman for our empties.  With hidden views from the street, this a perfect place for a Larrikin bucket. Unfortunately the Hotel was shut due to the Corona virus.

The trail’s core distance was 5.7 kms with 4 checks and 12 on-backs adding another 4 kms. This was never going to be an easy run due to the elevation!

A mid-size pack assembled on a dry evening. Saint, Double Pay, Lizard, Bren Gun and Mother were on. Siberia was not. Down walkways to Awaba Street then down laneways to Parriwi Rd, up some stairs to Spit Road for 200m then along Parriwi Reserve. You would have driven past this reserve a million times, every time you go up or down Spit Road, but who knew it was there, high up above the road?  A huge park with Scout halls & trails. Impy, Great White, Grange & Laundromat were checking for trail.  Back down some stairs where million dollar views of the heads and Clontarf could be seen. Down to the Spit and along the harbour foreshore walk. Colonoscopy did a great job in keeping the pack together. This point was at 2.5 km from the start.  Only 3.2 km to the bucket, all uphill. Then – wait for it – a staircase with 170 steps up to a check!  Up again to three more checks through walkways behind home to Cowles Road and home.

Mongrel summoned the circle and called Venerable and Ollie to the center. He asked all hash present to individually score the run. I heard 10 several times. Mongrel did the calculations and it was deemed to be a 9.79 score.  A virgin, Daryl from Narraweena, friend of Saint, was called up for a down down.

Impy was called out for being a hero. Impy did all the12 On Backs saving the rest of the pack from doing them. Trust me, some of the On Backs were killers. In particular the stairs down to Chinaman’s Beach. On On Impy!

After the circle a feast of Spanish jamón ibérico, pickled cucumbers with selected cheeses, bread sticks & wine were enjoyed.

It was an honour to set this run and I am glad that everyone enjoyed.

On On

Ollie & Venerable