AGPU 2017 AND YEARBOOK 2016/17

Epilogue to a Great Committee Year

The AGPU is done and dusted and if the size of my hangover is anything to go by it must have been a great night.

Mongrel did a fantastic job of pulling it all together, thanking everyone on the past Committee for their efforts and, of course the moment everyone was waiting for, welcoming the NEW ONE in headed by Frankly Fiona as GM.

Cheers to new GM Fiona Frankly

You can get a small taste of the fun from the photo gallery and you can read about the Year in hindsight and the NEW COMMITTEE (PAGE 29) if you follow the link below to download your copy of the Yearbook.
Happy New Year from IXL.

Download Larrikins S2H4 2016-2017 Year Book

LARRIKINS S2H4 2017 Year Book







The pictures tell the story

Last Run No 2024 – 2 May 2017


Map courtesy of Tripod

The pack assembled at the appointed spot at the Intersection of Ebley Street and Bronte Road just outside the Grand Hotel. The run took us in a box-shaped amble through Centennial Park, Queens Park and Waverley Park before returning to base. The run was set by three Hashers, born under the Taurus (the BULL) Constellation: Mongrel, Fetchit and K9. It’s sad in winter that so little is to be seen of such excellent places, although a few distant glimpses of the twinkling lights of the CBD made us realize how elevated this part of the Sydney is in relation to the City.


Mongrel passed on a message from one of Gigo’s sisters requesting that numbers of Hashers attending the Gigo’s Memorial be limited, created consternation in some quarters. Mercifully we moved to the various visitors attending: Kiwi Glen from NZ, Short Sheeter and Malaysia (who can hardly count for visitor status any longer). Various Taurans apart from the Hares were acknowledged including Coming Anyway and Snow Goose.

Perhaps the general air of frivolity was connected to the fact that this was the last run of the 2016/17 Committee. Firstly there was a small Competition to guess the total ages of the night’s Hares (turned out to be 200 years). Colonoscopy, the winner with the mind of a mathematician, received what looked like an enviable carton of whiskey. But turned out instead to contain a massive dildo, which did the rounds of the circle like a hot potato.

Kiwi Glen, being a Virgin Runner with the Larrkins, was invited to rate the Run and said: that it was good to be able to run in a part of Sydney that’s not built on and crowded with new development. He mentioned that one unfortunate had stepped on something and the steep slopes weren’t as life threatening as New Zealand’s.

Not content with the dildo, Grange proceeded to deliver 4 bottles of Red BULL to the Taurans present and finally invited the only real visitor Kiwi Glen to take part in a mock BULL fight to the cries of Ole!!! from the bemused bystanders.

Grand Hotel

By the time we decanted to eat in the conveniently close Grand Hotel, we found that our seating arrangements had virtually taken over the place. The food was quite reasonable and a lone folk/rock singer entertained us with over loud renditions of numbers like “Leila” from the immortal Eric Clapton. Not a bad guitarist, ordinary voice but the level of amplification ruined it. Never mind the company’s what counts. A great finale to a very eventful hash year.


LAST RUN NO. 2023 ON 25 APRIL 2017


Our patient Hare “Stretch”, from his home base in Collins Street Balmain, was forced to re-set the trail thanks to rain showers in the afternoon. With clouds still  threatening, the pack set off up the hill commencing a comparatively long trail which headed north west as far as Birchgrove before returning along the Parramatta River edge, as far as Callan Park, through the Park to Balmain Road and Victoria Road before returning to base. (See Map).

Actual trail courtesy of Tripod

The run measured approximately 8 km on the wrist bands, while yours truly took a greatly diminished walker’s version past the many bars lining Darling Street that were in riotous spirits, thanks to the ANZAC Day public holiday.

Balmain and Rozelle must class as some of the best environments for hashing in Sydney, with the huge supply of heritage homes the Parramatta River and the lively cosmopolitan demography.

Callan Park, in particular, is an amazing green space serving a regional role for all sorts of recreation besides hashing. We must do our very best to prevent misguided efforts by successive state government to plunder this asset and convert it to cash by paring it down, bit by bit for developers or institutions.


The mood of the circle was somewhat sombre in recognition of ANZAC
Day. Many of our members’ forefathers/mothers might have fallen at ANZAC Cove, or WWII, contemporaries who served in Vietnam as conscripts, and our youngest generation involved in various theatres of war including the Middle East and Afghanistan, should all give us cause to think about the ugliness of war. We are living in turbulent times with imminent danger from Syria and nuclear attack threatened by North Korea. It puts a new perspective on the sacrifice that so many of our people made to keep Australia safe and the way in which we should be observing ANZAC Day in 2017.

But an equally poignant announcement for many of us, from RA Grange,was the passing of one of our most colourful and clever members Hugh Cummings AKA “Gigo”. Gigo has been a great friend to me and we had many fascinating conversations on matters of mutual interest. With some notoriety for his cross-dressing (receiving specialist advice on fashion from his many friends in the Harriettes) he made an unusual presence in some functions with long dresses and sinuous legs, the legs in particular making many women of the hash extremely envious. According to Mongrel, one of his sisters was heard to remark that images she’d seen of “Priscilla of the Desert”, looked like they belonged in a family album!

For me it was Hugh’s amazing knowledge of science and physics which made our conversations so enjoyable and challenging, if very difficult to understand at times with his customary nervous giggle! At this stage there have been no announcement as to any funeral or memorial arrangements but we will keep you posted.

Visitors “Short Sheeter” and her partner “He’ll Do”, as well as “Malaysia” were given down downs. Short Sheeter is on the Harriettes Committee and we hope she and her partner will become regular followers of Larrikin Runs. Malaysia is well known to us all as a stalwart of the Harriettes and is always welcome.


Mongrel mentioned that the next run organized by members of the Taurus star sign will start at the Cock and Bull Hotel in Bondi Junction next Tuesday 02/May/2017. Further details will be posted on the Blog Hareline as they come to hand.


Dinner was served by our elegant and vivacious hostess “No Knickers” partner to “Stretch” AKA “4×2”. She provided a wonderful selection of curries with all the trimmings. There was some confusion about which of the curries was spicy or mild, but for my palette, the ones I tried were just right and completely authentic.





The next Larrikins AGPU will be held on May 5, 6:30 pm at the Trinity Bar 505 Crown St, Surry Hills
This is a great venue you don’t want to miss! There will be delicious food and drink available. The new committee will be introduced. The old committee will be available for any last minute complaints.
The subs are due now, $120.
Special Offers for paid up members at the AGPU include:
  • AGPU for $25-a generous subsidy for members
  • Long sleeve Shirt for $15-a generous subsidy for members
  • Members may bring along their favourite drinking partner for $50, partially subsidized to encourage partners involvement
If your favourite partner wants to dress in style, they can order the long sleeve shirt too for $35, but no subsidy for this one.
  • So, for Members member that want to pay their Subs, AGPU and shirt, Total amount: $160
  • For Subs and AGPU: $145
  • Non members that want to attend the AGPU: $50.
  • Non members that want the shirt: $35.
Members should take advantage of the generosity of the committee. Who knows what next year will bring?
Transfer your money to the bank or pay hash cash on Tuesday
ANZ Bank
BSB: 012 361
On On



Kindly provided by Tripod





On a balmy autumn night in mid April, an excellent turn out of over 80 runners and walkers arrived to follow trail in the direction of Chiswick and Blackwall Point before returning back along the gracious Parramatta River interfaces and thence to base. Because this part of Sydney has a street system which aligns well with the Parramatta River Foreshore it would have been difficult to get lost particularly as the trail was clearly marked. The walkers and runners trails only deviated to a small extent and as a walker myself felt I’d covered more than enough ground to get the feel of the area.

Back at the start/end, the Posh who were hosting things had underestimated the demand for bucket beer and our own Beermeister Reg was offering to supplement from Larrikin stores as the evening wore on.

It was a good opportunity to catch up with hashers from other groups we haven’t seen for a while, including Posh runners of course. It was disappointing that nobody took the initiative to open a Circle. For that reason the Bucket pretty much fizzled out.

Apologies for the Scribe’s images this time, which are pretty pathetic because neither his camera nor smartphone flash were up to working effectively in the dark conditions. If anyone has a few better images I would happy to upload them.




Laundro and self arrived a tad late to start the run and elected to make our own walking trail through the nearby parks and lanes of delightful Paddo. By the time we got back to base the party was in full swing, most of the pack suffering withdrawal symptoms for a rain free run and blessed for once with dryness.


RA Grange welcomed two visitors Digit Digestor and No Knickers (whose hash name once set her past teaching post at an elite private school for gels ablaze). Digit was carrying war wounds the result of an unscheduled and (as she claimed) un-inebriated fall onto a concrete surface in Bathurst. The unwelcome intrusion of clinking glass engineered by Singapore Sling brought him into the circle to join the visitors for down downs.

Grange advised that during the run he had received a call from an irate resident that someone bringing an animal like Mongrel should keep him on a lead, a thought generally agreed on by all those present. (I seem to remember a slightly similar story on a run in Waverton not so long ago.)

With a complex abacus arrangement sliding pretzels along a piece of dowel the run was rated 9.5 out of 10 by Kurt Zing and Pretzel (see photo).

Most were hoping by this stage that the circle had finished, but there were two claims from the floor accusing Grange of new shoes and Singapore Sling of old new shoes. Having imbibed from their fruity cups in punishment, the two were seen hopping around on one leg for the rest of evening.

We finally repaired to the gracious and zingy interior of Fetchit and Frankly Fiona’s multi-level abode, sampling the excellent cuisine and wines on offer including a spicy Thai larb, and savoury consommé, a truly hard act to follow. Well done and thanks for the hospitality!


Last Run No 2014 Date 21 Feb 2017 Hare Double Pay


The trail as per Tripod

The run basically set off along New South Head Road looped around two historic houses and returned via New South Head Road back to base on another grassy knoll in Lyne Park Playground – see trail Map kindly forwarded by Tripod.



A single visitor was identified  Postman Pratt originating from Yackendandah in the Victorian High Country:

Postman, a former Vietnam vet. and expat overseas for 30 years, most recently in the Netherlands, is now living close to the run location in Double Bay.

Down Downs

For Colonoscopy for relieving himself, in all his glory, in sight of one of Sydney’s leading girl schools “Kincoppal”

Run Report

IMPY said the run was very quick and noticed that “everyone has a smile on their faces, as compared in localities more remote with a population that cannot afford their rates and taxes.”

He said all the pack ran up Heart Break Hill. At one point on the run had passed a girl having her photo taken for a modelling shoot, clad only in a bikini, and “drop dead gorgeous”. He also noticed a “Hugo” (presumably labradoodle pooch) in the vicinity of Vaucluse and Strickland Houses. While everyone (except Mongrel who got lost) knew where they were all the time, making the run was absolutely awesome. He awarded  it 9.99997 out of 10.


Historical Notes

The Run provided excellent scenic access to Rose Bay, and two of the most significant heritage places in Australia: Strickland House and Vaucluse House.

Strickland House

According to Wiki “Strickland was designed by John Hilly and built in the 1850s, when it was known as “Carrara”. It is a Victorian Italianate mansion virtually intact and consists of three storeys of sandstone, which was unusually painted, and features verandahs with Doric columns. Set close to the harbour foreshore, it has extensive views across the water.”

The house is very important for our colonial past-enough to be listed on the Register of the National Estate.


Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House is equally significant, being the original home of William Charles Wentworth, the great explorer and politician of the early 19th Century.  Apart from making the first European crossing of the Blue Mountains (in the company of Blaxland and Lawson) he became one of the richest men in the colony and acquired land which included not only the land around Vaucluse House, but extensive grounds covering most of modern day Vaucluse.

Marking an important aspect of our early cultural/social history, Wiki states: “his parents had never married, and his mother had been a convict, and was the daughter of two convicts… he could not become a member of Sydney’s ‘respectable’ class, known as ‘the exclusives’. Embittered by this rejection, he placed himself at the head of the ‘emancipist‘ party, which sought equal rights and status for ex-convicts and their descendants.”

Bare-foot Bowls Night – 09 Feb 2017 – “The Greens”, North Sydney

Another riotous event in the Larrikin calendar, the Bare Foot Bowls Night proved to be fun, sociable and instructive. It was a hot evening attracting a good turn-out of members and their partners, sipping drinks slowly given the outrageously inflated charges extracted by The Greens. A minor annoyance was blaring music from which it was impossible to escape, with loudspeakers attached to every available standing area.

Bede and Lynne were there with their new X-Poodle “Olly” who has definitely filled a gaping void for them. Rocky and Berocca were there in a strongly competitive mood, as Berocca announced, “our team will win” when the scratch bowling comp. was explained by Outa.

Most of the pack got off to an erratic start, because few had ever played the game before other than 10 pin bowling which apart from throwing a heavy bowl in a specific direction has few other similarities.

As the night wore on, accuracy improved but the team formation and bowling outcomes became increasingly erratic. I’m not sure which of the teams won. Towards the end, Outa announced a “bowl- off” in which every individual would have a crack at getting their ball closest to the little white ball at the other end of the green for a $100 cash prize. Berocca astounded everyone by starting late down the list of tryers and pulling it off with an unbeatable bowl which landed her ball almost kissing the pin. Well done Berocca, one cannot but be impressed by your magnificent achievement, cementing in stone the fact that you are the greatest athlete amongst the Larrikins! And well done K9 and Outa for organising such a great and fun evening.

Run No 2012, 7 Feb 2017, Hare Double Pay

A wet day in Coogee when the rain Gods were Merciful

The magnificent Pacific Ocean at Coogee Beach

The weather was not looking good on the morning of 7 Feb 2017 in Sydney, with torrential rain everywhere, forcing the Committee to reconsider earlier plans for onsite catering. The fear was that many of the usual stayers would be contemplating an inactive night at home rather than a drive to Coogee and drenching on the run.

But the weather Gods were kind to Hare Afterbirth and the rain cleared long enough for the run to proceed, rain free. Remarkably, it held off until much later in the evening as we emerged from the Coogee Diggers Club where dinner had been held.

As per the map, the run provided for both runners and walkers in such a way that there were good opportunities to enjoy the Mighty Pacific Ocean, in the case of the Runners, at both the north and south headlands containing Coogee Beach.

The Start and Finish point was appropriately selected to provide shelter in the storm, under a quaint gazebo large enough to contain most of the pack during the circle.

Despite earlier plans to cancel on site food Inner and Outa and other helpers excelled themselves by arranging a supply of fresh prawns and oysters turning the evening into one that was quite memorable.


RA Grange was pleased to welcome Precious Pup, a Larrikin from the distant past, now in Queensland, who was able to embarrass several of the Larrikins present with his memories of goings on in the last Century: “Laundro managed to set light to his clothes on one occasion; Bernie chased all the girls relentlessly but with little success; Rocky was also after the girls and Curtseying ‘used to get brown eyes’. People threw jugs of wine over me but I just kept talking,”  he continued before Grange finally shut him up.

Next visitor was the beautiful Jessica b. 1996 (much to everyone’s envy) a relative of Inna and Outa, and hailing from Hamilton NZ.


Rocky provided the run report stating that the run seemed “multi-facetted” set by the hands of various contributors, but predominantly up-stairs and down hills. He said the run did provide for walkers, but noted the absence of a run through the Cemetery. He admitted that running along the beach “was a bad idea-the sand was too soft.” He wanted to know how many of the pack had seen the Bali Bombing Memorial (most had) and concluded by mentioning he had eventually found himself as far south as Tarama before heading home. Overall he said it was a pretty easy run and gave it 9.5 out of 10.

Afterbirth mentioned that every effort had been taken to put the markings in places where they wouldn’t get washed away by the rain.

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