Colonoscopy decides going bush isn’t a good idea!

Originally the intention was to make the runners really run hard as has been done in the summer to the Sugarloaf circular run in Castle Cove, even though this was a winter run near the shortest day of the year.

Before the run was set, the big worry was the weather: 80% chance of rain by 7pm on Tuesday-which would cause all sorts of problems!

However before 5pm dark clouds were seen on the horizon and feeling sorry for the runners it was decided to make the run shorter so they would not get wet through on the home run especially those with paws. The intention was to keep them busy with checks and on backs.

The arrows were put under bushes wherever possible. This made it very easy for All Fours to follow the trail being closer to the ground. Three arrows were put down together rather than normal one in case washed out.

The pack set off together heading away from the car park, then having to traverse traffic lights to move further east, with more traffic lights having to be crossed throughout the run.

There were numerous checks and on backs to keep the pack together.  There was even a Very short walkers link in Edinburgh road in case there was a sudden downpour at 6.45pm with lots venturing back home, however this did not happen. There was a normal walkers split.

Runners who went past Willoughby bus terminus hopefully may have thought of Singapore Sling’s old work depot!

The first runner arriving home at about 7.15 pm was Starboard having run the full 6km run

Starboard was the first back. All were back by about 7.35pm with Double Pay bringing up the rear arriving just before the circle was about to start.

For a potentially wet night there was a good role up of over 25.

One visitor ex hasher Peter was present as guest of Shoes.  He apparently intends to come again. A few Harriettes who wanted more than just a gentle Harriette walk also came along.

Impi gave the run a top score of 9.9, with the rain then steadily coming down!

It was then onto the Bridgeview Hotel for good food and wine.