Cow Appreciation Day

Roll Your Own 3 (Larrikin Run 2243) COVID-19 Lockdown Week 3

Official Hare Impi

Today, July 13 is Cow Appreciation Day. All Fours, as promised dressed up in her cow onesie – just don’t tell Impi she escaped from Ellis Park (here’s photographic proof). You might ask what the significance of Cow Appreciation Day is…

The day highlights the importance of cows in our lives, not only for the milk and meat that they provide, but for the work they do on farms like pulling carts and ploughs. They are also helpful when it comes to growing things, as their dung can be used as manure or as fuel.

At the virtual circle, the hardy hashers present were Frankly, Fetchit, Colonoscopy, Starboard, Tripod, Jukebox, Next Week, All Fours, Chimney and Laundro.

Discussions were mostly about the virtual background we all had (or lack of). Fetchit and Frankly changed from a sunset scene from Mykonos, Posh Jeonolan Caves Relay yellow singlet to the hash black foot and disappearing altogether. Tripod went from an old car to a red mustang to Rupert Bear. All Fours and Next Week had made their own personalised Larrikins logo background. Colonoscopy had his ‘serial killer’ white sheets, apparently he says it’s to hide all the porno magazines on the bookshelf. Chimney is still trying to work out how all his students managed to download the UNSW background onto their computers.
He still doesn’t know how to use his fancy Mac…

Jukebox, wearing his black beanie was asked what the current temperature is in Lithgow. “It’s 7.7oC but it’ll get to 0oC around midnight”. This week being more civilised, he wasn’t drinking wine from the bottle but beer from a glass.

Starboard signed off early as it was her birthday celebrations and Laundro went off to dinner.

Chimney is now off work until November, was originally willing to set all the runs until then but unfortunately we have to settle with ‘Roll Your Own’ instead! He is now looking at other ways to spend his time, perhaps take up Macrame or take Long Service Leave?

Chimney asked how this ‘Virtual Run’ thing works and was still left confused even after Fetchit explained in detail. Fetchit and Shoes sound like they’re the only ones who have been doing the hash runs – at least in the Eastern suburbs. Next Week and All Fours’ last run was 3 weeks ago at Me Knob’s run in Hornsby. Chimney has been running to the fridge and back. Colonoscopy has been playing tennis 3 times a week in Mosman. Frankly has been walking to work everyday and getting the bus home at 7:30pm.

Colonoscopy was not entertaining guests or cooking chicken tonight as he had done for the past 2 weeks. He didn’t think that he was breaking any Covid restriction rules as Fetchit pointed out that “the older you are the less compliant you are and rules don’t apply to old people”.

And to finish, here’s a cow joke:

Two cows in a field on a cold winter’s night. One cow says to the other, “I don’t know about you but I’m fresian”.


Moo Moo until next week’s RYO #4.

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