El Nino Strikes Again

It started off quiet a sunny afternoon. Outa equipped with his chalk and map set off to start marking the run from Neutral Bay whalf . Walking in an easterly direction the run setting was going fine. As I rounded  the park at Cremorne to my surprise the harbour was empty. I continued along only to hear my phone ring, it was Inher a asking how I was getting along as a fierce storm had just hit Waverton. Then within minutes the waves had risen on the harbour. Then  the light raindrops turned into a massive down pour, follow by  Thunder and  lightning. I took shelter in the nearest bus stop and  I waited many minutes for the storm to pass. I then went back on my trial  and all arrows had been washed away.

It was now time for Plan B. I  called  Inher  for her to come and rescue me and take me back to the wharf to collect my car. Back at home base, with some quick thinking, I printed the  maps of Walkers and Runners and put them in a plastic sheet to protect them and headed back to Neutral Bay wharf.

With Impi  at the helm we headed to wharf.  The  traffic was in chaos and we were struggling  to arrive for the allocated time of 6:30.

Flying down Hayes Street at 6:33 where the pack was assembled,  I quickly alighted buttercup and distributed the maps. .

The pack was away and the sun glimmering through the clouds. My porta loos had arrived and I positioned the bucket down by esplanade.

Starboard was among the first in, followed by Fetchit, Venables, Next Week, All Fours, Shoes, Afterbirth, Impi, Frankly, Mongrel,  (add anyone I forgot).

Then the walkers started to arrive Inher, Mrs Afterbirth, Codpiece, Stretch, Blue Danish  (add anyone I forgot).

The bucket was cold, the sunset was amazing and the Larikins were in fine spirits.

Tripod formed the circle. The visitors were welcomed, Next Week was nominated for the run report. It scored a 9.1.

Up the hill to Tatata Thai were we enjoyed a lovely banquet.

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