Frankly’s freaking f’run

T’was cold and dark as the pack came together near Mongrel’s car. With some instructions from me (Frankly) the pack set off at 6:28 heading down Oxford St towards the city. What were the instructions? 

  • The run was not designed to get people lost 
  • The OUT trail was this side of Oxford St (left side when going towards the city) 
  • The turning point was the tunnel at Museum Station 
  • The IN trail was the other side of Oxford St 
  • Walkers/runners split at Taylor’s square 

Who was on? 

  • Fetchit 
  • Mongrel 
  • Afterbirth 
  • Impi 
  • Outa Bounds 
  • Collonoscopy 
  • Double Pay 
  • Grange 
  • Ice Box 
  • All Fours 
  • Next Week 
  • Stretch 
  • Me Knob 
  • Bristle 
  • Squeaky Clean 

After the pack set off Rocky and Berocca turned up and went promptly to the Paddo RSL for a drink being all knackered from getting their house ready for sale. 

Coming Anyway and then Pretzel and Laundromat turned up soon after. Then Mother some 10 minutes or so late. 

Seems that I set the perfect run. Front runners were back right on the hour. 

Rocky and Berocca arrived from the Paddo RSL in time for the bucket where everyone was practicing social distancing, mmm, I think. 

Afterbirth did a great job of stand in RA. Ice Box gave an appropriately glowing run report with a score of?? Most of the rest is a blur in my head so I must have been awarded an almost perfect 10 but not quite as that is reserved for spousal awards. 

The On In was at the Paddo RSL with lots of merriment had by the  twenty or so Larrikins that attended.