Run report

The Scribe thanks D’Amanda F for this detailed run report, received just a > couple of days after the run, which is the earliest he’s received one > thusfar. > He’s going to add a bit more information and photography regarding the narrative surrounding Colonoscopy, as touched upon in D’Amanda’s report, under separate cover.. Here’s D’Amanda’s report..
> > A good crowd of around 21 enthusiastic Larrikins, (or perhaps that should > say 20 enthusiastic Larrikins, plus one less enthusiastic Larrikin > -Pretzel-), gathered at the little rotunda in Reservoir park Mosman. The > bucket was already there, chilling nicely, thanks to the super-organised > hare Venerable. A circle was called so that the Hare could give detailed > instructions about how far the run was. The figure of 5 kms was mentioned > (groan!), but if all the checks and on backs were done, the trail would > apparently be about 7 kms all up (double groan!). > > On On was called and off went the pack down the path from the park, across > Brady st, then along Ourimbah Rd for about 100 metres, before the first > arrow was spotted. The trail then zigzagged its way down to Balmoral beach, > including several cleverly disguised (dark) checks and on backs. > Apparently the trail headed along to Chinamans beach, but did not spot any > Chinamen there. > > Starboard stated that she headed for home at Parraween Rd, as she was > tiring and decided to head back to the bucket. MMMMM Starboard tiring, a > bit hard to believe. She mentioned that she had already walked, ran or > rowed over 6k earlier in the day. > > Many of these lazy buggers short cutted, one being Outer who came upon our > Reg Colonoscopy being attended by several paramedics. Apparently he had > collapsed on the main road in front of a bus and was nearly hit. Outer > offered to tow him back to the bucket on a discarded golf buggy that he > had picked up whilst short cutting the trail, thinking a beer would cheer > him up. Kind thoughts Outer. > > Grange arrived back with an old lamp shade which came in handy as a > megaphone at the circle. > > The pack wandered in in drive and drabs, tongues-a-lolling, and headed > straight to the bucket. Lady Di had decided to join the Larrikins for this > run. Good to see her. >
At the bucket Amanda and Di opened a bottle of Champers, grabbed a couple > of cups, and proceeded to sip, when Amanda noticed a couple of dark shapes > in her cup. Lady Di had a closer look, using a torch, and saw two big fat > grubs floating in the champers. Eeeeek! The offending grub-flavoured > champers was quickly turfed, undrunk, and then the cups were rinsed in more booze, > before attempting a calming tipple again. >
I’m not sure how many actually did the whole trail but all stood around > chatting until the security guard came along and hounded us out of the park > as he was locking the gates. > > We all marched to the front gate, set up again and the circle was called. > As our RA was away, AfterBirth kindly stepped in to get the proceedings > under way. Firstly asking Impi for a run report and a score. He grabbed the > Lamp shade from Grange, and put it in front of his face so he could be > heard, which led to much laughter. >
He gave it a score of nine point something. I can’t remember the rest > because at this point Outer grabbed the new Larrikins Megaphone and relayed > the story about Reg. We were all laughing, this bloke can tell a story. He > got a down down for it, as did Amanda for throwing away good booze > ,especially as the blokes decided the bugs would not drink much. > > The hilarity didnt stop there as Grange then took over the megaphone and > told a joke, which went like this. > > ‘A fellow was applying for citizenship at the Assessing office. He had > passed all the requirements but the final test was to make a sentence using > the words GREEN, PINK and YELLOW. The man thought for awhile then said “I > was in the lounge when I heard the telephone go GRING GRING so I PINKED it > up and said YELLOW YELLOW whose is calling” > Apparently he passed the test with flying colours…… You may have come > across him when enquiring at the phone company.‘ > > AfterBirth called the circle closed but the hilarity stayed as we all > headed to the pub for good cheap grub. > > Two tables were booked and filled. The three Fs Fehan, Fetchit and Frankly > all sat a table together. Cammeroon (correct spelling??) was offered a lift > home to Thornleigh, but declined, prefering to continue Boozing with > Bristle and catching a train. A late night was about to begin for those > two, as the wine bottle was only one quarter gone. > > A great night was had by all ON ON Amanda. >
Ed: now THAT is a report!