Run No 2200 Report

Thanks to IXL for producing this run & on-on report.
*(NB: Ed: was it widely publicized that this was an auspicious run number, such as the 2,200th..? Just askin’)*

Run No 2200

Hare IXL

Date 14 Sep 2020

The night   was mild and a great turn out of hashers (30+) set out dead on time. The  run   headed mainly downhill through streets of terraces in Waverton before  crossing   under the mainline railway and past the sadly disused bowling club (the  bowling   club with the best view in Sydney and host to the Larrikins Melbourne Cup  celebrations   some years ago).      The views   of the west flank of Sydney kept on coming as the runners traversed the old   oil tanks site, (now maritime park) and could clearly see the monstrous  profile   of Jamie Packer’s *schlong* as Liz   Farrelly calls it. But I must say I am warming to its architecture. It  certainly   makes a statement and is in keeping with the cavalier nature of Sydney’s   development excesses.       The trail   continued past the Coal Loader to Balls   Head where extraordinary panoramas could be taken in stretching from the  southern end   of the CBD to the full width of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If nothing else  the   run showcased Sydney’s most famous profiles albeit at night. The run  returned   in a loop via the Coal Loader, then down a fiendishly long set of steps  to Harbour level, and   finally back up an even greater climb past the Wondakiah redevelopment of  the   gas company site in the 1980s.      Back at base four front   running bastards including Tripod, Impi and Rocky returned after only   about 40 minutes and checking their Fitbits discovered the run qualified  for   the shortest in the year.   Tripod was able to pour further contempt on the underwhelming challenge  of Run No 2020 announcing that he had already walked all the way to   Brennan Park from his home in Lane Cove. The Hare was impressed with his   amazing return to fitness and superior running ability. With the benefit  of hindsight it was a great   shame this run was held in darkness. See daytime pix. Bring on time saving  in October.      The hash   repaired to Capos Pizza Restaurant next to Waverton Station . Capos had  taken the hash   booking seriously by setting up extra tables. The thin crusted pizzas were  to   die for and the writer intends to return before too long.