Run report 2229

Hi Simon , I gave my first run report on Tuesday and my not sure how things work from here but my somewhat brief effort. Please feel free to change or embellish.
On out first non-daylight run for 2021, there was a very good turn out of runners and walkers. IXL’s trail took place around the streets of Cammeray and finished up with a long uphill section out of Tunks Park. It was hard running with not many checks or on backs with the runners struggling to keep up with motor machine STARBOARD who set a fast pace. An exhausted yours truly arrived back at the bucket who found that several walkers were already ensconced as usual – perhaps all the runners should take up walking? With regards to the score for the run, I considered that the usual rating are very generous and advised that we should adopt Stephen Fry’s more critical analysis. To the shock and horror of the crowd, minus 2 was given as the score but was quickly change to 9.1 to avoid the possible risk of excommunication. The bucket was a little rushed as there was time pressure to get to the On at Norths Club before the kitchen closed up shop for the night – without the Hash, the staff could have all gone home at 8pm.