GRANGES Run Report

And they set fourth  Grange and D'Manda

Conscious of COVID conviviallity requirements 1.5 Metres apart

ONLY TWO . . . ONLY TWO  was it Noah said as ALL creatures, great and small , as they were boarding the ARK

Or did he say ONLY TWO . . . ONLY TWO to his sons its better to get to noah before you marry her.

But back to the START , So “THE PACK “ set fourth , no it was twooth.

Again the ringing in the ears ONLY TWO , echoing across the valley

As creatures Great and Small, lurking behind trees , some squawked from the tree tops , or quarks quarked from outer space

They all sensed , saw ,  smelled and swayed from yonder at the sight !

TWO just TWO Harriers Hustling 

In just 1km ( at break neck speed ) yes 3.4km and hour , Arrr so that’s why they call it “SPEED TRACKER” we checked the MAP plotted

or was that plodded.

Then FINALLY almost back the uphill climb to the START / FINISH ( although we we still in Australia )

Just a few metres to go before CRUNCH then another crispy CRUNCH

Oh well there’s LOTS more out there . . .  it was ONLY TWO . . . and they were SO TINY , I didn’t catch their NAMES

Could it have been INDIGN  . . ANT or TRIUMPH  . . ANT

Overwhelmed I gazed at the  AURA or was it a HALO

NO it was a CORONA Err 4.5%  at the FINISH . . or was the START


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