Holidays are here again

Who doesn’t like the holiday season? Let me answer that, Western Australian who have locked everyone out and wrapped themselves in cotton wool! Grow up we’re all Australians.

I’d be stating the obvious if I said “it’s time to learn to live with this virus”, we have a vaccination. More than 90% of Australians have lined up and taken their medicine. The good news from this is the Larrikins were able to have their 2021 Christmas run. Those who stayed the whole evening enjoyed virgin territory, a fantastic bucket, circle and then a banquet fit for a Maharaj!

Let me start with the run, Venerable as we know puts a great deal of effort and planning into his runs. Run 2266 was no different, other than Venerable injured himself training and cannot bend down to mark the trail. The lesson here, train at your own peril!

Thankfully Tripod stepped in and uniquely marked the trail in flour using a drink bottle.

The pack set off towards the Harbour Bridge, turning left and off into the wilds of Kirribilli. Past the Ensemble Theatre. Where was this virgin territory? and there it was, all of a sudden we ran into HMAS Platypus, previously locked off to the public and inaccessible to the public! Had the run ticked all the boxes? Not yet, there were a couple of gems left.

It’s not about the run it’s about the comradery.

Impi pointed out his Sydney residence, Platypussy took me off trail up “step up to bent” a set of stairs 120 m long that should have been on trail, but weren’t, and on “sting; hill 5” I was able to have a conversation with Mongrel as neither of us had the energy to travel at any more than a shuffle.

Now back at the bucket full of Christmas cheer, Phantom gave the run report, a score of TEN. Yes TEN and he isn’t sleeping with Venerable.

Thanks to Venerable, Tripod, All Fours, Next Week and Mongrel we all left Tuesday’s gathering happy, well fed and watered.

The Larrikin Christmas run 2021 by All Fours & Next Weeks can be found in the gallery on Facebook