Hornsby has street lights!

Run report:

Run: 2240

Hare: Me Knob

Around 20 people arrived: Squeaky, D’amanda, Grange, Laundro, Pretzel, Next Week, All 4s, Phantom, Starboard, Impi, Outa, Lady Di, Saint, Bristle, Frankly, Fetchit, Tripod, Shoes, Codpiece, Mongrel, Chimney.

Run went through the train station where some guy just mopped my first check. Then it went along the Hornsby Westfield, straight through the fountain which doesn’t work since it was made and then through the trees with lights and to the first on back. Then the second on back, then a couple of paths going through other people’s properties. Then it nicely went up the round near the OfficeWorks and back on the other side of the road decreasing the distance between front and back runners. Then it went near my office and near the brothel where in the morning there was still a portable generator for the night (there was no power in Hornsby between 22:00 and 5:00). After going a bit uphill it went downhill with a couple of on backs, and then 3 more on backs finished with the split. Walkers had a “W” on their every arrow, a special touch, they loved that. Runners had to run uphill, they had a check with multiple arrows, but Shoes realised that Starboard was in front and there was no sight of her so she probably just ran through and missed the check meaning that it goes straight which was a good lead. Then we went a bit along the Hornsby Hospital, and then again we turned into some alleys. Tripod precociously started running on the opposite side of the road. The trail did a bit of a snake shake and one check was longer than the others, where we got up with Phantom who said that the front runners (Impi and Starboard) went there, pointing at the correct direction, but was sure that the trail was not heading there. After 5 min of waiting for runners, Phantom finally realised that maybe there was a trail, because they hadn’t returned. Then we all ran down the hill but it was again a short on back and went into a back street. We ran up towards the Waitara Oval where the runners trail joined with the walkers one, but no walkers were in sight. Then we turned right into an alley surrounded by apartments and passed by the indoor pool up to the last check. Then it went along the Hornsby Westfield back to the parking lot next to the RSL. Shoes was so into the run that he started running it again, because I forgot to cross the arrows out at the beginning.

Bucket was nice, at the RSL parking, well lit place, there were 2 jokes: about mushy breasts and about ex-wife getting double what ex-husband wished for, they were ok, down down for Laundro’s and Bristle’s shoes, 9.5 from All4s, charge for a generator next to massage centre from Bristle.

Note to myself: On backs could be longer; Checks are terrible if front runners get them right; Put a long on back after every check.

On On