How far south is Kareela?

Curtseying always sets a fantastic run and this week was no exception. Arriving before Frankly, Shoes and me was Mother F having hitched a ride with Double Pay. Next to join us was – wait for it – Laundromat with side kick Pretzel, closely followed by Chimney. Last of the Larrikins was All Fours and Next Week having left home at lunch time to ensure they were on on time.

Visitors were Curtseying’s daughter and grandson, Wallaby and yet to be named, “Skids” more on that soon. Lastly, Brad a friend of Frankly, Fetchit and Chimney who is also a resident of the shire.

As previously eluded to the run was well set through the streets, bush and of course the Golf course keeping the pack of both runners and walkers together throughout.

Frankly stood in as RA. Tripod is playing Grandpa to his brood from Queensland. First up was the hare and Shoes to deliver the run report and score. As expected the report was highly complementary and offered a score of 9.5-9.7 depending on which of the many scores you decided to accept.

Next up were the visitors. It was during the introductions that we learnt “Skids” had indeed skidded down one of the slopes encountered. This was demonstrated by the skid marks up his back!

Following the bucket and circle we all adjourned to Sharks at Kareela to admire the view, complete our re-hydration and an enjoyable meal.

Thanks Curtseying for a fantastic evening in the shire.