Invitation to Thirsty 1500th..

Sydney Thirsty 1500th Run

Despite the best efforts of Covid to derail our runs in 2020, Sydney Thirsty HHH made it to 1500 runs! To celebrate we’re getting out of the city and head down to Wollongong. Event Details below.

Ex Sydney Thirsty HHH who still live in the area and other kennels are welcome to join.
Location – MacCabe Park, Wollongong (might change but will still be close to Wollongong Station) Circle Up Time – 1pm Cost – One Run Credit/$10 Bucket – Yes
Info – This will be the last run under the current Mismanagement Administration and we aim to make it a special one. Mismanagement will hare this together and make it a run to remember.
Plan for day – 1pm Circle Up – Hash – Circle/Committee Handover – On Inn
Overnight/Travel on the day We chose the location so that it is a relatively easy day trip, but also has the option for people who want to stay overnight and make a weekend of it. If you do wish to book accommodation, you will have to do it yourselves.
Whilst the run will happen regardless of weather, we can’t guarantee a covid outbreak not ruining the situation so would advise to have something cancellable.
Please RSVP to a Thirsty mismanagement so we can make sure we have enough alcohol in the bucket and enough room at the on in.
On On Thirsty Mismanagement

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