Is running in ovals now the norm?

At the virtual circle, the hardy hashers present were Frankly, Fetchit, 4  x 2, Colonoscopy, Starboard, Tripod, Jukebox, Next Week, All Fours, and Laundro.

Fetchit said he had done a great run through Cooper Park with Shoes, was it 10km or so. Shoes was not being present at the virtual circle.

Next Week and All fours said their biggest run in the last few weeks was around the house and garden, which one can only presume is not very far!

NEXT WEEK excelled himself THIS WEEK by out doing All Fours and wearing a top Hat!.  Good to see he has thought more about THIS WEEK rather than NEXT WEEK.

4 x 2 has not been on any great walks. Apparently the Harriettes are not having a virtual circle like us.

Tripod had run around an oval where there were 100 kids!

Colonoscopy also had the same experience and even kicked a few soccer balls when the young ones missed the goal. This week the oval was lit after 7 pm whereas previously there were no major lights. Good to see all these ovals being well used.

Starboard said she is still rowing in her single skulls early morning (must be cold at present?)  

Laundro was apparently sent to a spare room in his house. Eventually he was called to dinner by his daughters, we trust they are all good cooks.  This must be the case because of his eagerness to be fed by them.

The only question is : How many weeks will we have to wait to know who has chosen the exact date for the end of the lockdown?

What is the prize –a slab of the beer of one’s choice??

One expert now says elimination will be achieved when the state sees an average of 5 cases a day over 2 weeks!!  This model  shows target could be reached between 26 August and 16 September!

I will have to change my prediction.


When will NSW lockdown finish

fetchit30-Jul17/07/2021 1344
All Fours6-Aug17/07/2021 1859
Short Sheeter6-Aug19/07/2021 1215
Laundromat6-Aug21/07/2021 1424
Yripod11-Aug18/07/2021 1202
Next Week13-Aug17/07/2021 1826
Shoes13-Aug19/07/2021 1021
Curtseying13-Aug19/07/2021 1519
Pearl14-Aug19/07/2021 0912
Jukebox16-Aug19/07/2021 0928
All Fours20-Aug19/07/2021 1122
Colonoscopy21-Aug20/07/2021 1942
IXL30-Aug19/07/2021 0918
MeKnob31-Aug17/07/2021 1355
Bad News1-Sep19/07/2021 1511
Grange10-Sep18/07/2021 1343
Codpiece10-Sep19/07/2021 0934
Starboard15-Sep19/07/2021 1010
Outa25-Dec19/07/2021 1631

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