Bare-foot Bowls Night – 09 Feb 2017 – “The Greens”, North Sydney

Another riotous event in the Larrikin calendar, the Bare Foot Bowls Night proved to be fun, sociable and instructive. It was a hot evening attracting a good turn-out of members and their partners, sipping drinks slowly given the outrageously inflated charges extracted by The Greens. A minor annoyance was blaring music from which it was impossible to escape, with loudspeakers attached to every available standing area.

Bede and Lynne were there with their new X-Poodle “Olly” who has definitely filled a gaping void for them. Rocky and Berocca were there in a strongly competitive mood, as Berocca announced, “our team will win” when the scratch bowling comp. was explained by Outa.

Most of the pack got off to an erratic start, because few had ever played the game before other than 10 pin bowling which apart from throwing a heavy bowl in a specific direction has few other similarities.

As the night wore on, accuracy improved but the team formation and bowling outcomes became increasingly erratic. I’m not sure which of the teams won. Towards the end, Outa announced a “bowl- off” in which every individual would have a crack at getting their ball closest to the little white ball at the other end of the green for a $100 cash prize. Berocca astounded everyone by starting late down the list of tryers and pulling it off with an unbeatable bowl which landed her ball almost kissing the pin. Well done Berocca, one cannot but be impressed by your magnificent achievement, cementing in stone the fact that you are the greatest athlete amongst the Larrikins! And well done K9 and Outa for organising such a great and fun evening.

Last Run No: 2011, 31 Jan 2017 1830 pm, Hares: Phantom and Starboard


Mapmywalk by Tripod

The run was set down to start at the car park at Gourlay Ave., Balgowlah, nearest cross street New Street East. On was to be held at North Harbour Sailing Club (the green building – where Gourlay  Ave meets the N Harbour walk to Forty baskets beach).

As it turned out, the run set off late from the boatshed because traffic conditions accessing this part of Balgowlah from all points east were creating significant delays.


As the pack headed off into overcast and thundery weather the prospect of a wetting was almost a relief after the prolonged heat wave Sydney has experienced throughout January.  The pack finally set off around 6.45pm from the boat shed along the sands of North Harbour, to Condamine Street and proceeding as far north as Lauderdale Avenue before sweeping south, mostly along Bangalow Avenue and Woodland Street eventually to the entrance of the Dobroyd Head Scenic Area and skirting this, with one significant on-back into Bareena Drive, then into the home circuit back along Fisher Street and other roads above the cliff over Forty Baskets Beach before finally returning to the boat shed full circle. At some points in the run latent markings from a previous trail created confusion and misdirection.  Run Assessment by Tripod:  “good run, well-marked, arrows in every direction: 9/10.”

Down Downs

Tipod late because of Mongrel’s driving; Laundro for negligent driving without wearing a seat belt; Trail Master Bede for admitting he had been reading the trail map upside down.

On On

Catered by Phantom and Starboard with salads, plus carnivore and non carnivore fare.  Delicious and well organised.


Last Run No 2010 – Tuesday 24 Jan 17 at 1830 hrs – Hare and Reporter: Fetchit

Start: Corner Carrington Rd & Johns St, Queens Park NSW 2022b – MAP  On On: Robinhood Hotel – 203 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024 $10 Burgers  MAP  .

Fetchit reports: Weather atrocious, blinding rain and wind, turnout—impressive!



Before lunch I had been notified that the GM, RA and Scribe had better things to do on the night, and come 6:30 pm, the only committee member present was Colonoscopy.  Colonoscopy being the decisive hasher he is, decided that instead of running in the rain it should be the Hare’s shout in the pub! Luckily for me, Curtseying pointed out in his most emphatic Germanic fashion “This is the hash. We run no matter what!”

Decision made—a live hare run. The magnificent trail map discarded, off we set, runners – Rocky, Saint, Curtseying, Tripod & Venerable—with yours truly the live hare. With the pack in tow we set off, me leading the way closely followed by Venerable. About 800 metres into the run, the most unbelievable words were heard coming from Venerable’s lips— “we should re-group”—stunned I stopped for what must be the first ever “Hash Halt” I’ve ever witnessed on a Larrikin run!

Only Curtseying & Fetchit with Saint taking a short cut (that turned into an “EQUAL CUT” from all accounts) completed the entire run. Rocky and Venerable disappeared in Centennial Park and Tripod bailed when his ankle failed him.

Mother, Amanda Fuchs and Berocca decided the inside of the pub was better than running. Senator and Noddy were late arrivals, “something to do with rain and the Tea Gardens Hotel,” they explained. Hot Dick and Ice Box were late to the start, so I think they set off with the walkers lead by Low Profile and Bren Gun for a walk around the perimeter of Queens Park. Bren Gun told me at the bucket they were intrigued by what they thought was an eastern suburbs prison, turned out to be a school—Moriah College—amazing what lengths those wealthier parents will go to to keep their kids safe from the likes of us!

By 7:15 pm we were all back at the bucket with an overcast sky, but no sign of any rain.  Needless to say numbers had swelled! In the absence of our illustrious RA, Rocky rose to the occasion, called: “Circle up!” and proceeded with an extremely brief circle. His run report went something like: “I got 0.5 as it was 5 times better than K9’s score of 0.1. Then Fetchit had 5 times more rain so I scored it 2.5.

Double Pay was then charged for using an umbrella on his run!

Circle closed, we all adjourned to the Robin Hood, where most enjoyed the Tuesday $10 Hamburger special.

On On


Last Run No 2009 – 17 Jan 17 – Hare Singapore Sling


Map by SS

The run started in MacMahon St Willoughby, near the Willoughby Hotel.  On-ON was held about 500m away in Neville Street.

The run incorporated a substantial chunk of a similar trail set by the same hare for the Harriettes in the preceding week. The Harold Reid Reserve – the bush section of the run was definitely worth a return visit and represents an amazing natural resource in a large city like Sydney.

ON at the said Willoughby Hotel was ok but food ordinary and over-priced. Would not recommend for future use in terms of amenity /convenience /food quality.


Visitors welcomed included “Nick” from Switzerland; Colin “Lecin Perboy” from Pertiglar HHH in the Phillipines; “Sir Lanceaslut” from Canberra Hash who delicately explained he was Nick’s ‘Mother***’

Down Downs

To Rocky for carrying a water bottle and wasting water.

Outa regaled us about a sad story of house to land investment in the family which involved a block of land in the vicinity of our Drink stop that culminated with “a bastard father who went off with a misstress and took the lot.”

Singapore Sling presented a “Cicada Award” to Gazunda, for turning up on summer runs.

Run Report

Gazunda reported that the run could hardly qualify as a bush run given the small proportion of bush traversed; that the B stop was not disclosed “so we didn’t know where the bucket was.” In the light of these minor issues he gave it 7/10.


Bare Foot Bowls planned for the 9th Feb at the North Sydney Bowling Club (Milsons Point) needs to be booked in advance and will cost $15.00 for members $30.00 for non-members. The show of hands indicated 20-30 takers at this stage.

There will be a weekend away function – details to come.





On a sweltering hot mid-summer evening the pack assembled at McMahons Point in one of the most interesting and well appointed localities of the Lower North Shore. From the bend at the southern end of East Crescent Street, the cartons of bottles had to be person-handled down to a secluded park overlooking the Harbour, with a fantastic view of the Bridge and Opera House but slightly degraded by an offensive smell from behind the wall where some chancer had been using it as a public latrine.

Well over 30 bods turned out, including multiple visitors, creating uncertainty whether or not there’d be sufficient drinks and ice in the buckets, fortunately proving to be needless worry.

Trail Map
Trail Map

Under Hare Brengun’s direction, the pack got off to a good start along a somewhat predictable route, heading firstly to the Blues Point Park, then around and up along the western flank  of Blues Point Peninsula before heading north as far as Berry Street, back through the North Sydney CBD down as far as Wendy Whitley’s Park (worth a visit in itself, see besides Lavender Bay and finally back to base.

It may be banal to point out that if you start a run at the pointy end of a peninsula, the route options for any trail must be limited, and this was no exception. However for those who have never done this walk, it is one of Sydney’s best, offering an engaging mixture of natural landscapes, harbour views, heritage buildings and rapidly emerging high rise redevelopment particularly in areas to the north of the CBD and the western flank of Milsons Point. In short it showcases the very best and most interesting that Sydney has to offer.

The pack returned in good time and no mishaps or losses were recorded for once.


Visitors welcomed included: James from the UK “travelling around”; Dave Ryan “Sharing Ryan’s Privates” from Thirsty Hash; “Rangoon Flyer” from Wellington; “Over the Top” from Melbourne and “Sticky Beak” from NZ

Squeaky Clean was given a “No accident” award for the night in recognition of his high rate of accidents of late, while his long suffering partner Mathilde was rewarded for putting up with all of this.

Sticky Beak was asked to rate the walk as a visitor and generously suggested “8.5 out of 10”.

Finally it seems appropriate to acknowledge that Tripod is coming of age as a stand up comedian. By far his best joke of the year centred around the well known “Hind-Licker” manoeuvre for dealing with a female choking victim. I leave the rest to your imagination.

Coming events

Next Larrikins Run, No xxxx Hare Singapore Sling, Location TBA

Sydney Friday 13th Hash House Harriers (only one other in October 2017!) Date (of course) 13th January 2017 6.30pm. Theme: Hawaiian Home Run and Luau.  Hares: Nympho & Celestial Start: Corner Plunket & Thompson Streets Drummoyne. ONON: 27 Thompson St Drummoyne.  Dress: Wear a Hawaiian shirt &/or coconuts BYO chair. Don’t pick up that TIKI Totem – run in fear of the Volcano Goddess Pele

FULL MOON RUN NO. 304 Sunday 15th January Hare: Close Encounters   Start: Camperdown Park, in Mallett Street, Camperdown ON-ON Acre Eatery Restaurant Camperdown Commons 31A Mallett Street Camperdown




3RD  Jan- Tripod at Lane Cove

Run started from thefrom Tripod’s house. 12 Arabella St. Longueville
Entrance at back, off Woodford St.Who
If anyone had a problem working out where Tripod’s rear entrance was, the jumble of cars, the caravan shrouded in a large white Aldi tarpaulin and the four-wheel drive next to the driveway could hardly be missed.
It was a great turnout given the time of year with close to 40 hashers assembled including visitors. The pack set off pretty much on time in a westerly loop initially via the track which runs at the head of Tambourine Bay.
Mapmyrun sourced from Fetchit/Frankly FB post
Your Scribe on encountering the first of what looked like to be a large number of rocky steps took the easy way out and made a premature return to base much to the unsympathetic ire/derision of Herr Skinner.
As it happened the decision was fortuitous because only 20 minutes later the skies opened and a brief deluge sent us running for the cover of the garage.


Not long after after that Fitchett and Afterbirth were first back, resembling drowned rats. Afterbirh was wearing a T-shirt two sizes out and labelled IMPI just to confuse us all. Fetchit explained that they had returned via the out-trail because the rain had obliterated the trail marks. The map above may therefore be indicative only. Although an update is promised.

In the circle two visitors were welcomed: “Salty Snatch” travelling alone and from Iowa, USA; and, “High Beam” currently house sitting in Sydney. Salty Snatch explained that her name came about from her habit of taking tasty snacks with her on her runs. High Beam astonished everyone by saying she was training for an ultra-marathon. There can be little doubt she has already tired of our trail length and pace despite Tripod’s trail being above average in terms of run/kms.

Salty was invited to give a run report from the perspective of an overseas overseas. With disarming honesty, she said “I thought the weather was lovely because it made the experience more dramatic, but overall, as a hash, it’s been low on songs and spirits. I did appreciate the walkers’ trail and give it a 7.5,” she said.

Another returnee, more than visitor, Digit Digester is currently in Sydney while her home in Kiama is being leased.

We repaired to the Tripod family barbecue area and were treated to gourmet quality hamburgers to round out the evening. A great run and fantastic hospitality, thanks to the Skinners!



LAST RUN NO 2005, 20 DEC 2016



START: Milsons Point in vicinity of Grace of India BYO Restaurant at Milsons Point

p1030643 p1030647







Mathilde has yet to tell Squeaky Clean that she has changed her religion


Map provided by Tripod

Map my walk

As they say, we live in interesting times and the last run before Christmas 2016 was no exception. Set by Mongrel and other helpers from the Larrikins Committee the run traversed the Lower North Shore area on a roughly circular track, and featured a half way bucket with gin and tonic laid on, see Map My Walk kindly provided by Tripod.

There was a very large turnout of hashers despite travel problems discussed below. The circle presided over with his usual aplomb RA Grange welcomed two Texan visitors “Couch” and “Bart” and “Wee Willy” from Nuba ? or was it Numibia? Juke Box on a charge of not wearing a hash T shirt was sentenced to wear a Father Christmas Hat and as the pix gallery will prove should be in demand by every department store for the kids to sit on his knee.

IMPY provided a detailed blow by blow run report which told of squeezing through basements, the run mercifully short at 5 km by his measure, the pack kept together and well catered for by the half way bucket. He gave it “Eleven out of ten” reversing the trend to absurdly low scores over the past month or so.

Grange advised that Afterbirth’s son would be awarded a down-down having just announced his engagement. We wish the happy couple every future success and good fortune.

The Grace of India Restaurant proved to be a superb choice, with the Hash virtually taking over the whole dining area. The food came promptly and kept on coming with a series of really delicious curries, and I will definitely be making a repeat visit. The management even provided special Hindu head-dress to enliven the celebration of the season. Congratulations to K9, Mongrel and others for such a great choice of venue.

This report cannot overlook the fact that many reliant on train access to the run start had their plans seriously disrupted by a power outage in Wynyard creating havoc for all trains in the network. Reports the next day told of two trains at a standstill in the tunnel near Wynyard having their passengers discharged and having to walk back through dark and fetid tunnels to return to the platform.

Some determined not to be put off, walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your humble scribe gave up leaving a packed carriage at North Sydney waiting for information as to whether the train would be allowed to proceed down the line, and hoofed it the rest of the way down the hill to Milsons Point in what turned out to be a very good decision.

Hours later when hash festivities had concluded, the rail chaos was still in evidence. At Milsons Point railway station there was no sign telling the travelling public what to do except that access to the platforms was blocked off without a single member of staff in sight. Mistletoe and I were left to guess whether to find a bus and discovered Jukebox looking forlorn because a disgruntled Kaffir had left in a cab. We bid him farewell when a bus finally arrived to take him on to the CBD. We eventually arrived at North Sydney from where the trains were shuttling from all points north and back. Finally a train arrived and we headed home around 11.00 pm.

p1030646 p1030644 p1030632 p1030641p1030639 p1030638p1030631 p1030630 p1030627 p1030624 p1030623 p1030622 p1030620 p1030616 p1030615 p1030614 p1030612 p1030607 p1030603 p1030597 p1030595

Report – Run No 2001 22 NOV 2016

RUN REPORT Hare: Rocky

The run started at Sawmiller’s Reserve at the end of French Street below Blues Point Hotel, in McMahons Point.

run The Trail Map shows that Rocky was ambitious covering the greater part of North Sydney LGA  in a roughly circular route heading north as far as St Leonards Park before returning via Anderson Park Neutral Bay and the Lavender Bay walkway – approx 8 km by someone’s pedometer – remarkably most of the pack returning in under an hour.

The very late arrival of our esteemed GM Mongrel was marked by a special wedding like acknowledgment as he slowly descended the street lane to our circle.

Grange now devoid of bandages after his recent surgery but sporting zombie like stitches on his forehead managed the circle with suitable aplomb. He welcomed two visitors from San Francisco “Hot Dick” and “Ice Box”, reminding me of a joke that was doing the rounds at the time of the Hon. Jim Cairns, Ms Morosi and the Whitlam Cabinet c. 1975 – you’ll have to wait to the next Run if you haven’t heard it.

In making his assessment of the run, Kaffir 2 politely reminded the circle of the recent trend to giving very low scores, subject to which his previous run had been given 0.1. But in a spirit of magnanimity, because Rocky’s was five times better than his, gave Rocky 0.5.


RUN REPORT – NO 2000 – 15 NOV 2016

Hare Little Hun – Location of Run – Artarmon

The walkers' trail approx 5.5 km.
The walkers’ trail approx 5.5 km.

I was fortunate to catch up with Little Hun on his way to set up the bucket as it would have been difficult to find otherwise. There were similar complaints and consternation from several attendees because of contradictory information given as to run start and down down location which were not the same (an A to B run as it turned out). The B turned out to be the rear of waste depots and car yards – suitably salubrious for Larrikins after all.

Grange looking like he had been let out of hospital for the day arrived at the ON-ON swathed in bandages. He assured us that it was only the same old BCC excision from his illustrious face. Laundro told us that after feeling like a brick shithouse for over four weeks had finally been diagnosed with pneumonia over his mobile phone while he was in his orange Kombi half way to Tenterfield. He grumbled that anything could have happened but resolved to continue along his way except that he then discovered a blowout and did not have the strength to undo one of the wheel nuts, and was forced to call in the NRMA and a local bushy to help him out. Sounds pathetic I grant you.

Your humble scribe limping around on a walking pole and wearing a knee bandage only happened upon the last KM of the run when it intersected with his walk from home base. Fortunately, being a local he was able to find the end of the Run which is more to be said than the complainers.

GIGO proudly announced he is starting on a new Chemo regime for which he has a concoction of coloured pills looking like a large tin full of M&Ms to take over the next two weeks. So another Red Dress Run is to be planned shortly. Over to Outa and Venerable.

Looks like the Larrikins are all cracking up fast, so any excuse for a party while we can!


Once the circle commenced two visitors were welcomed, one from the Larrikins distant past, now resident in France “Cultured” (Pearl) and “Crash and Burn”. Cultered amazed us all with the revelation that he is over 80 and how he won the over 80s Division of a race around a lake in Switzerland – with only three tryers. He told us candidly that the one in the lead he’d been pursuing closely had to stop and do up his shoes which gave Pearl the winning margin. I hope I’ll be looking that fit in 20 years time (just checking to see if you’re attending).

Singapore Sling given the onerous task of reviewing the run resorted to drawing a mud map on the ground – basically a circle and said something to the effect that “we went out around and came back”. Thanks for nothing Singapore Sling. He rated it at 9.2 after confessing “I had no idea where we were,” leaving everyone concerned for his bus passengers in this part of town.

I’ll leave the pictures to tell the rest of this confused story.