Legs Eleven?

Lockdown week 11 is now done and dusted! I’ll bet you are glad to know that in only two Tuesdays until we can begin opening up to fully vaccinated Hashers!

This weeks Hare, Mongrel shared his trail map and remembered to join this weeks circle. Can recognise him?

Where’s Mongrel?

Starboard has been busy, firstly trying to claim victory in the lockdown quiz, something that was very quickly dismissed by the circle! However, being ever caring she’s undertaken a “Bush First Aid” training course via zoom. She will be fine to treat Squeaky and Mongrel with any mishaps going forward!!

Grange has been busy smelling the flowers and sharing his neighbourhood.

Please keep getting vaccinated. Once you’ve had your second shot please record your milestone and begin running in groups of up to 5 from September 13th. As you’d expect there was a keen discussion around where 5km from home circles allow members to take advantage of that rule, indeed it was discussed that Afterbirth and 4×2 can both travel as far as Moore Park and still remain within their respective boundaries. The LGA rule was seen as the panacea for our northern Beaches contingence, that LGA is HUGE!

Use your imagination, keep within the rules and start planning and sharing your ideas for Tuesdays.