Lockdown Fatigue Larrikin Style

What is lockdown fatigue?

‘Lockdown fatigue’ is a term that’s bandied around a lot these days, and though it isn’t an actual clinical diagnosis, it’s something which many of us can relate to. 

It can manifest in many ways but, in essence, ‘lockdown fatigue’ refers to the impact of having to deal with the rollercoaster of emotions brought on by Covid-19. 

Routines have been upended, relationships have been strained, financial worries have heightened, and at the same time, we’ve had to get to grasps with an uncertain future.

Add this to disrupted sleep patterns and real-life health complications, and fatigue is to be expected.

We’re facing hurdles on all fronts so it’s no surprise that it’s taking its toll on our mental and emotional health.

For several months we’ve had to hold it together through what has probably been one of the most stressful life events we’ve ever faced. And we’ve had to do it all without the resources we usually have available to us. 

In many ways, ‘lockdown fatigue’ could best be described as widespread burnout that’s linked to Covid and the subsequent lockdowns. 

For Larrikins this is becoming more visible week on week. Less and less attending our virtual circle there are naturally highlights. This week Brengun joined.

Brengun told us about his recent assignment in Taree and the challenges of returning to Sydney in time to comply with the Health Orders. If you want further details of his secret squirrel works on a major northern artery bridge call him, I’m sure he will welcome the opportunity to scare the shit out of you!

Following the virtual circle this week I wondered about our sanity. The Northern Beaches contingent consisting of Starboard, All Fours and Next Week were in costume. Maybe the rest of us missed the memo?

Laundromat was over the moon with his new found freedom to consume alcohol, proving drinking in lockdown is good for your health. Enough said!

Mistakenly I accused Colonoscopy of missing the anniversary of him collapsing. Turns out this was premature, in fact his episode was on August 18th 2020 – for those of you who want to reminisce here’s a link to the news of the week supplied by Amanda Fuchs. Again I was surprised, this was before we got our minds around her renaming. https://larrikins.org/blog/fwd-fw-run-report/

I’m feeling tired and despondent, but no need to worry, it is the new normal.

That’s it for this week.

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