RUN report NO 2002

HARE’s report: Squeaky Clean


The run started at Russell Park at the junction of Byrne Avenue and The Parade.

A total of about 20 attendees turned up but none from the North Shore, excluding Pretzel who arrived late probably due to bad traffic conditions, ie no Rocky and Lani. I tell a lie, Colonoscopy was there spruiking
next weeks run where he was saying “you will need bathing costumes and

Nobody was too sure what this all meant!!! Maybe we will receive
more info in the next  flyer. Sorry, Afterbirth, Grange and Full Marks showed, all N Shorers, not sure who else.

Good comments from those who ran/walked, scenic, picturesque etc.
Scoring was as is now the norm, low. Cannot remember the number or who the reporter was FETCHIT as reported below by Mogrel.

Steak Special was on at the Birkenhead Hotel which went down very well
plus other food which was also well received. Nothing much left to say so,

ON ON Squeaky Clean.


The times they are a changing. Brexit, Trump and now Squeaky does a left hander from Russel Park in Drummoyne. What will happen next?
After setting many runs from Russel Park doing a right hander, Squeaky set this one doing a left hander.  The old guard was amazed and for the first half k or so thought there would be a back check and the pack would go back to the tried and true path. There was a back check but not only back to the left hander.
The run made its way to Hen and Chicken Bay, to the Quarantine Park, to the Rowers, to Abbotsford  Cove, to Chiswick to Russel Park. Not to many checks in the 6.71 k run so the pack was a bit spread out. Gigo, Semi Colon and Low Profile were late returners but it was a good night for the bucket and no one minded having an extra 10 minutes drinking.
About 20 or so started the run and there was 25/30 at the bucket. Colonoscopy actually bought three bags of ice but forgot to put them in the bucket until the last minute, but time enough to get the beer cooled down a bit.
Grange tinkled the bottles and the circle started. Fetchit gave the run report and thought the run was seven times better than K9’s run. K9’s run is considered a standard for how bad a run can be and he was awarded a 0.1. Thus Squeaky gets a 0.7. It might be noted Colonoscopy is doing a run Tuesday that might challenge K9’s score.