LAST RUN NO 2005, 20 DEC 2016



START: Milsons Point in vicinity of Grace of India BYO Restaurant at Milsons Point

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Mathilde has yet to tell Squeaky Clean that she has changed her religion


Map provided by Tripod

Map my walk

As they say, we live in interesting times and the last run before Christmas 2016 was no exception. Set by Mongrel and other helpers from the Larrikins Committee the run traversed the Lower North Shore area on a roughly circular track, and featured a half way bucket with gin and tonic laid on, see Map My Walk kindly provided by Tripod.

There was a very large turnout of hashers despite travel problems discussed below. The circle presided over with his usual aplomb RA Grange welcomed two Texan visitors “Couch” and “Bart” and “Wee Willy” from Nuba ? or was it Numibia? Juke Box on a charge of not wearing a hash T shirt was sentenced to wear a Father Christmas Hat and as the pix gallery will prove should be in demand by every department store for the kids to sit on his knee.

IMPY provided a detailed blow by blow run report which told of squeezing through basements, the run mercifully short at 5 km by his measure, the pack kept together and well catered for by the half way bucket. He gave it “Eleven out of ten” reversing the trend to absurdly low scores over the past month or so.

Grange advised that Afterbirth’s son would be awarded a down-down having just announced his engagement. We wish the happy couple every future success and good fortune.

The Grace of India Restaurant proved to be a superb choice, with the Hash virtually taking over the whole dining area. The food came promptly and kept on coming with a series of really delicious curries, and I will definitely be making a repeat visit. The management even provided special Hindu head-dress to enliven the celebration of the season. Congratulations to K9, Mongrel and others for such a great choice of venue.

This report cannot overlook the fact that many reliant on train access to the run start had their plans seriously disrupted by a power outage in Wynyard creating havoc for all trains in the network. Reports the next day told of two trains at a standstill in the tunnel near Wynyard having their passengers discharged and having to walk back through dark and fetid tunnels to return to the platform.

Some determined not to be put off, walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your humble scribe gave up leaving a packed carriage at North Sydney waiting for information as to whether the train would be allowed to proceed down the line, and hoofed it the rest of the way down the hill to Milsons Point in what turned out to be a very good decision.

Hours later when hash festivities had concluded, the rail chaos was still in evidence. At Milsons Point railway station there was no sign telling the travelling public what to do except that access to the platforms was blocked off without a single member of staff in sight. Mistletoe and I were left to guess whether to find a bus and discovered Jukebox looking forlorn because a disgruntled Kaffir had left in a cab. We bid him farewell when a bus finally arrived to take him on to the CBD. We eventually arrived at North Sydney from where the trains were shuttling from all points north and back. Finally a train arrived and we headed home around 11.00 pm.

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