Run 1981 – Hare Outa Bounds


In the depths of a very cold winter evening the pack set off along Pacific highway from the start point at the Union Hotel. Turning south at Shirley Road, the pack headed towards Sydney Harbour, splitting with the walkers passing Waverton Park while the runners made a loop around Ball’s Head.

Heading back at a point where the walkers and runners converged on the home run, a group of lead walkers including yours truly got temporarily lost mistakenly believing that Gigo, Rocky and Singapore Sling were ahead. Eventually we found our way back to a drink stop at the Pretzels Manse, before eventually landing up at the Union Hotel for supper.

A well marked trail and great scenery in daylight. Many steps and good exercise.


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Grange offered the circle the benefits of his considerable political insight, while counting continues to narrow the Liberal Party lead and increase the prospect of a hung Parliament. Brengun mentioned that Australia is even capturing international media attention, including Algeciras reporting that “Australia is in a state of chaos.”

A call for visitors introduced no lesser person than the lofty son of Pretzel, “Heath”, who
unfamiliar with Larrikin down-down protocols, probably could have done without being the unexpected centre of attention.

Hare Outa told us the miraculous story of his mobile phone which he’d lost while setting the run somewhere “in a spot of bush.” After searching fruitlessly for a considerable time he hit on the idea of calling it from another phone and accosted a passing stranger with a request to borrow his phone only to be told, “Getaway you poofter!” Totally diminished by this heartless response, Outa’s spirits were rekindled when a “Good Samaritan” lent him her phone, he rang his number and quickly found the missing item. The miracle of the story he said, “it only had a 1% charge left.” Outa showed us the phone to prove his story, languishing on the ground as he’d found it.

Fetchit gave the run report referring to everyone “chickening out” of the Balls Head deviation, the pack “all bamboozled” around Euroka Street, the lack of helpful calling from Gigo and the length of the run measuring 8K according to his wristband while TM’s map-measure made it 6k. He gave the run a mark of 6.1 based on the discrepancies in these measurements.

Afterbirth mentioned that he was accosted by a girl who thought that the pack had lost a dog. He said that “Mongrel should stop barking in future,” much to everyone’s amusement at Mongrel’s expense.

We listened to Grange telling us the dumb blond joke in which she believes the name of the man in Waltzing Matilda is “Andy” or should it be “And he”…It must be difficult to manage being blonde and female, with such prejudices abounding.

Mother said he had nothing to report as yet about the Next Full Moon Run.
Venerable said “Last orders for the Christmas in July function will be taken on Friday 8 July by COB. There are already 29 attending, cars/parking in the area are not recommended.”

Down downs were given to Singapore on behalf of the erratic Waverton bus driver and to Reg for upsetting the down downs table as he crashed his way back to base – a case of habitual clumsiness.

Frankly Fiona, Hare for the Next Run, announced that it starts at the London Pub in Paddington, details to come.

Run 1980 28/06/2016 Hare Mother******

It was a cold night as the pack assembled outside Harold Park Hotel. The walkers left without the benefit of a walkers’ map. Afterbirth was the Trail Master. The run received a score of 9.3 out of 10. It was well marked. The route was, basically, to the casino, around the casino and back, using minor streets. The sky was clear and the runners had good views of the city lights. The walkers followed the same trail except that there was a shortcut cutting off about half the run.

Afterbirth and a visitor named Maple Muff, from Canada, were the only ones completing the trail. The other runners and walkers took a variety of shortcuts.

There were 19 walkers, runners and visitors by the time the pack assembled at a bucket outside the Harold Park Hotel. The group repaired to the Harold Park Hotel and the $15 Chicken Parmigiana special that was so big it was difficult to finish.

It was generally acknowledged to be a very successful night.

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