Positions available – Interior Decorator and Colour Consultant

What da’ isn’t this the Larrikin news of the week? Maybe you should have been there at the zoom meeting on Tuesday, Tripod had trouble connecting and once connected couldn’t see more than one participant at a time, turns out he was on an android tablet. All fours suggested that Next Week could provide technical assistance from his tablet collection, unfortnately viagra didn’t help! Starboard sat quietly in the background sipping tea because her “Dry July” starts early so she can have a drink on her birthday!

Laundromat was there on time! Jukebox struggled with his video, Shoes appeared under the  pseudonym of Deborah and all this time Colonoscopy was lurking in the background with no audio or video, hilarious you ask, let me tell you not really, but did kill a few minutes whilst Frankly tried coaching and I went to the fridge for more beer.

By the time all the technical issues were sorted out Laundromats offspring arrived home with a dripping wet dog so he was summoned to the table for dinner.

Colonoscopy kept dissappearing leaving us looking at two sheets hung badly behind where he was sitting, seems he had unwanted company stuck at his place because of the stay at home orders and we also learnt he was cooking 3.2 kg of chicken to feed said person.

Tripod kept disappearing and re-appearing. During one of his brief appearances he took the floor to charge Shoes for the long winded email he sent me the scribe expressing his disappointment that he wasn’t recognised for his vaccination status, turns out he didn’t realise sending emals from the blog can be personalised. Codpiece and Lounge Lizard alike chose to respond.

With charges laid the circle was thrown open to the floor, top of mind to all present was WTF were those sheets behind Colonoscopy?

Seems Colonoscopy has an ugly bookcase adorned with 50 years of books from his places of work. Conversly Tripod’s background was a similar sized bookcase again adorned with books, but tasteful so it didn’t have to be hidden, thus our need for an interior decorator – volunteers?

This brings me to the colour consultant role, I mentioned Jukebox was on and again his background caught the attention of the assembled pack, why two locks on the door behind him?

Answer, thats the front door and to remain secure in Lithgow you need double locking which lead Jukebox to complain that he had sent a copy of the worldwide On On monthly magazine and I’d failed to mention it in previous correspondance, shame on me!

To make amends and help relieve stay at home boredon here is the link to the entire On On Collection

Sorry I got sidetracked having established the security risks of life in Lithgow and suffered abuse for failing to publish I took note of the lack of colour in Jukebox’s background thus thinking as a caring hash in confinement perhaps we should help fellow hashers who don’t have the skills or technology to use virtual backgrounds painting and decorating advise for the rooms they use for zooming.

For the records, this was Run 2241, hare, Tripod. I haven’t seen any proof of a trail but I can assure all that Shoes and I ran the Eastern Surburbs trail.

Anything you wish to share electronically about your week please forward it to scribe@larrikins.org

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