Run 2159 Report 03-12-19 Double Pay at Rose Bay

Run No. : 2159


Location : Rose Bay

Well, it shall be decreed that all future Larrikin runs are to be set in the middle of the Harbour Bridge… else to get a full pack???

 Here was The World Famous Larrikin Hash House Harriers gathered ON their preferred SOUTH side of the Harbour!

Here was CURT VON ZING and SENATOR and NODDY and even AFTERBIRTH (well, a short cameo appearance) – Yes, all the good South Siders!

 BUT, where were K9, ROCKY, BIG BONER, IXL, VENERABLE (All the best to PLATAPUSSY by the way) ——- Where were those North Siders?

Even SAINT was missing (suppose Gosford is a fair excuse).

 And so the run set off, well ON! Heading EAST towards Heartbreak Hill – but no, a clever loop at the start soon had us heading WEST past Catalinas  then along the Rose Bay waterfront . (Referred to as Nose Bay when I was a boy). Soon heading out to the Point Piper area – home of such minnows as Malcolm Turnbull (remember him?) and Ron Medich (where is he at the moment???? – better check with Lucky Gatellari)…

 Walkers and runners split when back ON New South Head Road junction of Wolseley rd. The last sighting of AFTERBIRTH.

Past “Fairwater”, the old home of Lady Fairfax and clan, recently purchased for $100 MILLION by Atlassian people…..ON to Woollahra Library…back up Victoria Rd..

MONGREL shuffling along, and COLONOSCOPY (busy trying to read a map and putting down arrows for no one – Thank the Lord for ALL FOURS).

Up towards Bellevue Hill past Cranbrook school – Porsches, BMWs, Teslas – the usual pick-ups.

Further ON to Scots College, about to build their new library (shaped like an old Scottish castle) for $26 million?!?!?! Life is tough out here in the East!

 Eventually back down the hill to a welcome BUCKET.

People NOT in the hash apparel were chastised. Down downs distributed.

Run awarded 8.9 – a great effort DOUBLE PAY!

 IN for the ON ON at Double Pay’s exclusive Nose Bay Venue.

Great run, great bucket and great venue…..THANKS DOUBLE PAY!

 ON and ON