Run 2160 Report 10-12-19 Starboard at Birchgrove


It was a day that required planning as a run had to be set in Balmain and I had to work with Hellraiser in the morning installing curtains in Milsons Point. It also turned into the worst day in Sydney for smoke haze from the bush fires and tops of 36 deg C. You could almost feel the planets were aligned for a stuff up.  

Undeterred I left my car with running and Hash setting gear at Balmain East Wharf and hopped over to Milsons Pt on a very quick one stop ride. At this point you could make out the Harbour Bridge. 

Started work and the outside conditions worsened. Tripod texted me saying he had a P3 face mask which I could use to set the run. I told him I was working with Hellraiser and he replied we’d be safe as we’d be talking so much we wouldn’t be drawing breath. A further string of banter ensued as the air quality got worse and worse. I then called Colonoscopy to see if the run should be going ahead. I’ll get advice from the committee he said and sadly for those people he then seemed to engage them in many emails during the day. I would also have been bombarded by him except he copied them to the Walking Disaster variety of Liz. However a phone call to the right variety said it would go ahead as Beijing and Delhi were always polluted and it never stops the Hash. 

But the ferries were about to stop the Hash as emerging back at Milsons Point Wharf where you couldn’t see the other side of the Harbour Bridge, an announcement was made that all services were suspended due to lack of visibility. Those not geographically challenged will know Milsons Point to Balmain East is a long way by anything other than ferry, and I was not going to swim it. 

Never mind, Tripod had offered his help so I called him and he kindly came and picked me up effecting a sort of rescue as far as his house in Longueville. Where his car was left as he wanted to enjoy some drinks after the run so he’d planned on taking the ferry too. Now we had to resort to 3 buses to Balmain but he kindly ditched his first idea of sitting in the pub while I set the run and came with me to help. Finally by 4.30pm we had a trail for the pack to follow and we waited for them to arrive sitting in the pub as the air was less polluted there. 

By 6.30pm a cooler change and wind had improved the air quality but only a small pack of 14 braved the conditions. None of these included Colonoscopy or All Fours so Kaffir kindly ‘volunteered’ to be TM  Explaining the run was marked with double sided arrows and to ignore single sided ones I set the pack on their way.  I neglected to tell people the run was for runners and walkers should devise their own short cuts as basically that’s what Hashers do all the time so why bother wasting my breath.  My point was proved by Phantom who finished in 30 minutes declaring he’d lost trail as he’d outsmarted himself. 

The real runners Fetchit and Kaffir got back in 2 minutes over the hour declaring it was well set and covered most hills and sets of steps in Balmain.  Most people got back soon after though Squeaky and Double Pay were still missing by the time we’d adjourned to the pub. They came in after 2 hours explaining to Laundromat they couldn’t understand why as they’d followed the walkers trail. He took great delight telling him there wasn’t one!

At the bucket the run was rewarded a paltry 7 due to sending people up and down hills. Tripod decided as 2 people set it, that was 7 each bringing the total to 14. Kaffir said it was more deserving of a 9.7. Kurtzing couldn’t complain as a Starboard run wasn’t set on the wrong side of the bridge so all in all a good run. 

No one really cared though as the Dry Dock Hotel served up good and plentiful food to the 20 people who seemed to finish the run. 

Thanks to Tripod for saving the day and becoming the co-hare. 

On on Starboard.