Run 2161 Report 17-12-19 Laundro at The Rotunda

Run No. : 2161

Date :  17/12/2019

Hare : Committee

Location : Rocks

Laundromat’s Report (The first of three)

Still lingering ON the south side, The Larrikins gathered at The Rotunda ON Observatory Hill. Good Christmas vibes and good Christmas outfits were complimented by a GOOD CHRISTMAS turnout – visitors from Wellington NZ, Harriette’s, Thirsties – some OLD faces, some just looking a bit old – Not you KAFFIR – I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t volunteered to NOT run and to look after The Bucket (What a guy!).

Difficult to set a good hash run in such familiar territory so the emphasis was ON a scenic stroll. In that part of town good scenery abounds – First a good look at Jamie Packers Phallic symbolic CASINO – around the Barrangaroo headland – ON around The Pier foreshores – under The Coat Hanger, ON to great view of the magnificent Opera house – past the Overseas Terminal, then ON through The Rocks – All in all good snippets of beautiful Sydney Town.

Got the run/walk out of the way and it was ON to the Chrissie bucket – and what a good bucket it was : Nibblies and Crackers (Well done caterer GRANGE), Carols (Well done choir master MONGREL). – must have been a good crowd and good times as WE RAN OUT OF SUPER beer. Good grief, what to do? A few down downs with no beer and ON to the ON ON, The ever reliable Harbour View Hotel.

Good food, more beer and red wine aplenty!

Very good turnout for a very good night.

ON and ON

There are pictures to tell a better story – ON the net, compliments of ALL FOURS………….. (Click on the Facebook link to see them).

Colonoscopy’s Run Report (The second of three)

Photos 1170 and 1174. Barangaroo Metro Station is below the scaffolding shown in these photos.

A new tunnel is being cut from the bottom of Blues Point Road, which is just across the water, to Barangaroo.

Not long ago we had a run past the work site for the tunnel at Blues Point.

To cut the tunnel to Barangaroo a special tunnel boring machine (TBM) is used which can dig a secure, segmented, concrete lined tunnel in the soft alluvial soils
below the harbour bridge.

This is different to the standard TBM’s being used from Mowbray road
Chatswood to Blues Point Road and from Barangaroo to Sydenham on the new Metro train line.

Perhaps we can somehow arrange a run through these tunnels later on.
Metro will be completed by 2024!

Photo 1177 shows the entrance to Barangaroo Park.

Did anyone see Photo 1179 on the side of a building under the Sydney Harbour Bridge? (It is under the southern hinge of the harbour bridge.)

Photo 1183. Did anyone see the dog in a pram at Circular Quay?

Photo 1187 was taken from the Rotunda and shows Packers Casino and the

Observatory Hill telescopes.

Kaffir Run Report (The third of three)

Arrived early at Observatory Hill. Pleasant evening. Smoke had cleared. Nice harbour view.

GRANGE was busy preparing food. I paid him 120 Bucks for my fees. Asked whether I could have some food. He said NO! He then said that the notes that I had given him were probably forgeries. He then smiled and said he was just kidding …   MONGREL, in a wild Red Shirt, was organising the Booze [LA PEROUSE]. He gave me a beer [PIGS EAR]. Must be Xmas – he is in a good mood!  KURTZING turned up. Said he had had a very slow tram ride from Central 

Station. He was going to complain to the Premier. He had recently been to UzbekiSTAN, KazakhSTAN. He was STANding tall. HA HA!


LAUNDRO had set the run. Off they went.

At the BUCKET. AFTERBIRTH was in good voice. Is he an OPERA Singer? ALL FOURS was taking the usual photos. MCC told me he is in Aussie for good. His girlfriend looked happy.

I told K9 I was the ”REAL KAFFIR”. He agreed.

STRETCH, OUTA, PRETZEL, MOTHER were ALL in good voice.