Run Report 18/10/16 Hare Burning Bush

Vale Hugo

Dear Hugo

Our condolences go out to Bede and Lynne for the untimely loss of their dear labradoodle Hugo. This little dog with obvious intelligence and staying power has been a frequent visitor to the Larrikins Hash and participant in the runs over many years. The scribe, himself, often volunteered to lead him around so that in his increasingly venerable doggy state his heart would not be overtaxed trying to keep up with the front runners. Whenever he sensed the presence of Bede (if the walkers’and running trails intersected) he would be so excited it was hard to stop him pulling said scribe’s arm off. He will be sorely missed by all Larrikin doglovers.


RA Grange invited the “Illustrious Low Profile” for a down down, at “a moment of jubilation” in celebration of her imminent retirement on the coming Thursday 20 October 2016.

Outer was called to the circle – a “detached sort of fellow“, but without his “usual retinue” and other insensitive allusions to the fact he has just been through the traumatic experience of a detached retinal operation.

Two visitors were welcomed “Celestial” a recent member of the FMH3 Hash, partner of Theo in the Sydney Harriettes. “Stash” stated he was a runner with the Larrikins from 1992 to 1996 and now runs with Lion City in Singapore.

Run Report

Burning Bush, Venerable and Singapore Sling were invited to hear Singapore’s assessment.

“It was exceptionally well marked; covered half the Gore Hill Cemetery with a maze of tracks through the plots; Gigo enjoyed the bats flying around; some old guy had a house in there!

We ran through the Royal North Shore Hospital precinct and the Northern Sydney TAFE; then tried to get caught up in industrial estates – but there was no way out of there; finally back via the Tesla car yard in Herbert Street “but mine wasn’t charged!”

Score 9.3 out of 10 for a great run.”


The scribe took the unusual step of naming Candlesticks prick of the week for trying to foment trouble with an irate TAFE security guard who advised that the pack should have obtained permission to cross the campus, while the scribe was attempting to hose the situation down.

Sir Lanceaslut for some unknown misdemeanours.

Melbourne Cup function coming up at Crows Nest Hotel, Crows Nest. Last chance to register!



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