Run report Run 2248 – Virtual Hash 8

A smallish group of Larrikins assembled via Zoom at the pre appointed time of 7:30pm. Following his usual form Jukebox wanted the bucket opened early, alas technology intervened!

Fast forward a few minutes and the hare, Golden Showers appeared, disappeared, appeared again, problem was we couldn’t hear him despite his mouth moving.

Laundromat appeared again resident in the “Oval Office”, re-decoration is high on his agenda, but apparently his daughters control the ambiance.

Finally Golden Showers was heard, remarkably Laundromat’s weekend walk exactly matched his trail.

I forgot to mention, A4’s and Next Week were in dress ups, this week they came straight from their Phantom of the Opera rehearsal. This obviously explains why they haven’t been running.

Colonoscopy was donning his Mad Hatter attire, why?

Tripod wasn’t at the circle, but during the week he suggested a new quiz, guess the number of COVID cases in Sydney this week!

It would seem trivia is popular with a reported 32 hashers participating in the Friday the 13th Trivia organised by Harriettes Baldilocks and Chuck.

On a sad note, Miz D’Bucket’s mother passed away. On behalf of all Larrikins, please accept our condolences.

That brings me again to that grumpy old bastard Jukebox, Golden Showers recounted how he named by PNS of Bushranger fame and politely asked how A4’s got her name.

Jukebox as ex GM of the Fullmoon was more than happy to regale us with his story of naming our GM. Not only did he recount history he offered his opinion on the naming of Miz D’Bucket, apparently Impi got it WRONG!

As a result Jukebox has demanded a renaming to Liza! (There’s a hole in the bucket)

Needless to say Jukebox was told where he could go!

That’s all folks!

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