Stay at home and Hashing

It’s stay at home week two of three if we can believe the orders will end on Friday week.

We have to stay at home because of health orders. These orders are issued under section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010, has anyone read the act?

Notwithstanding these orders both Shoes and Next Week celebrated their birthdays last Saturday. Next Week invited the Manly Rugby League team to his party. Shoes of course invited the Roosters to his and neither party made the news!

Although the orders are “stay at home” most news outlets and politicians are now referring to it as “lockdown”. Tripod by the way says we should be locked in our homes and only allowed out to shop for food once a week. This must be done, he is the Religious Advisor!

The run, I’m not sure what others did, but Shoes and I retraced Run 2099 as set by Saint way back in 2019. Anyone remember the freedoms we had then? Any other run reports please send them to Scribe for inclusion in future newsletters.

From the run report of the day:

The run started at a well chosen location, close to public transport and with almost on-site free parking and, as the first daylight savings run, we were pleasantly surprised to circle up in daylight. Also, the weather was fine and dry. Praise be to the RA – Hallelujah!
Well marked arrows, carefully positioned checks and well spaced on-backs kept the pack together for most of the run which wound around the streets and into Centennial park, skirted past Queens Park and through Waverley Park before heading back to a well stocked bucket. Praise be to Laundromat – Hallelujah!
Impi gave a glowing run report and scored the trail a 9.75 as it was the first time he had seen Starboard throughout the whole run. The Trailmaster was also both complementary and complemented. Praise be to All Fours – Hallelujah!

The last Epistle must have been abysmal, so abysmal it prompted Bad News to share his Tasmanian hashing news for inspiration. The accompanying message if I’ve got it right is, every Hash communicates in different ways, some in words and others in pictures. Let me tell you it is difficult being Scribe, a balancing act between too little and too much information. This is an ongoing struggle and, thanks to Bristle for encouraging “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO) I’ve now found a tool to help in newsletter readability. Let’s see how that works!

Finally the ZOOM meeting, again just the usual suspects. Me Knob joined us from his bed. Laundromat proud of his “00” Heineken. Starboard still planning to end her dry period just in time for her birthday. Colonoscopy, what can be said!

We had a weather report from Lithgow and Balgowlah, why because it was Fk’n freezing.

Well that’s it from me for this week, stay safe.

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