The Queens Birthday holiday JOINT Run

Run 2239

Hare: Chuck (Harriettes Joint Run)

By the time I arrived for the start of the run the Harriettes were in full swing setting up for the bucket. with the usual suspects standing around discussing their weekend past. Present were Mongrel, Outa, Afterbirth, Impi, Starboard, All Fours, Next Week, Phantom, Colonoscopy, Tridod, good to see Squeaky Clean and Mother, both have been MIA for the last few weeks. Venerable and Ollie were keen for a start, Grange was there, Chimney also, pretty sure I saw Bren Gun and I definately saw Me Knob, Balloon, Shoes, Saint, Blowin, Laundromat and Lady Di, Pretzel was there but didn’t register anyone I’ve missed or forgotten, sorry!

Harriettes GM, Little Goat told us the bucket was sacred and would not open under any circumstances before 7:20pm. Chuck the hare for the evening then explained there were many options along the trail to shorten your run or walk and it was up to the individual to choose.

The run was very well set mostly in Neutral Bay with a brief jaunt across North Sydney Oval including a short cut thanks to Impi’s superior hashing skills. Crossing back across the freeway we encountered a bit of a speedbump with the pack unable to find on from a check, With trail eventually found on Alfred St we were off again eventually arriving back at the bucket for a well earned beer or two.

It’s worth a shout out to Impi who was a little concerned for Squeaky so decided to stop running and walk to home with him. This is where I need to encourage all Larrikins to carry your mobile phones on runs, this has proven invaluable on one or two occasions lately..

Cudos to the Harriettes for an excellent Joint Run, with representatives from Thirsty, Northern Beaches, Botany and a sole Posh man, Molly!