The week that was or wasn’t

It was raining.

It wasn’t pleasant with torrential rainfall.

It was frightfully cold.

It wasn’t good running conditions on Tuesday.

Now we’re supposed to be used to all this crap we will be offered small steps forward. From 12.01am on Monday, September 13, for fully vaccinated people who live outside the local government areas of concern, gatherings of up to five people for up to one hour.

Who picked closest to September 13th, are they the winner of the quiz?

After 12 weeks of lockdown we can begin running again on Tuesday September 14th, run 2252 . The hare is listed as Nympho. Do we have 5 fully vaccinated Larrikins within 5km and the same LGA as Nympho?

Let’s all do our best toward a new beginning, any suggestions please email me and I’ll publish them in the newsletter.

Tuesday’s circle had it all happening. WD & IXL (who renamed him?) were wearing ostentatious eye ware, Chimney was channelling Brengun, Jukebox was in his Cossack uniform, Starboard looked like she’d been mugged, Frankly had borrowed a wig from Cher, Laundromat had left the Whitehouse and the GM, Hash Cash pair had been in their toy room again.

Ace set a fantastic run for us, imagination galore, pity none of the Larrikins have such talents!

For anyone want to buy a Darlinghurst mansion, a well known place in Liverpool Street is for sale.

Meanwhile here’s a contribution from Chimney.

On On