The week that was.

To say this week is the same as every other week just isn’t right! Tripod set his fourth run in a row, this time from Paddington or did he?

It was nice to see Curtseying again, he only runs on the South side and often reminds us that we are Sydney South Harbour, although now days a majority of our members and regular attendees reside north of the bridge.

Speaking of long term members I received the following email from Kaffir and obviously I need to set the record straight for him.

can you confirm HHH has received my fees-kaffir

Kaffir’s Email

He asked the same question of Next Week Last Week so I’ll try to explain.

Last Week has gone never to return and I’ve never met them in person, has anyone?

This Week (whom I also don’t know) is nearly gone but will be back Next Week.

You paid your money to a bloke in a Northern Beaches HHH shirt. Could I suggest, if you wait until Next Week you could ask about your fees, but, by then Next Week will be This Week.

In conclusion, when your fees will show up in the books is unclear to me.

I hope this helps.

Now for this weeks run, it was set on flour using Tripod’s patented water bottle method. Mother arrived late and scurried off behind the pack leaving his backpack on the Post Office stairs for Fetchit to fetch it.

The walkers arrived back in dribs and drabs after about 45 minutes, the runners taking well over the hour to complete the scenic tour of both Trumper and Cooper Parks. The late running left Tripod little time to hold the circle before retiring to the RSL for a well earned meal. The run was reported on by friend of Shoes, Alison who was there with partner Johno and quickly got into the swing of things giving a score of 9.3!

At the RSL we were chastised for being late, apparently they had planned to shut at 9pm. All meals were prepared and cooked by the one person on duty in the kitchen. Only one mistake that I’m aware of, LAUNDROMAT ordered but didn’t receive his meal!

Thank you to all who attended.

On On to virgin country next Tuesday.