Too many Hills and and Too many Steps: Double Trouble in Double Bay

So it’s late on Sunday night, the Scribe’s come down with a touch of flu and he’s just finished marking fourty-something Annotated Bibliographies, which have well and truly done his head in, and consequently this is gonna be a very short hash trash. MOTHER’s NT connection hasn’t supplied any funnies this week, either, so it may be a tad short on humour too. Firstly to the run write-up: FETCHIT quite sensibly has taken editorial control of his own run write-up, and his account of Tuesday evening’s Double Bay run is as follows :- ———————————— FETCHIT SENDS THE WALKERS ASTRAY
MONGREL was there with SQUEAKY in tow, CURTSEYING was seen cursing at a lamp post, SHOES showed up, as did our newly minted permanent resident ME KNOB, while others at the start included INNER & OUTER, AFTERBIRTH and GAVE BIRTH (..sorry, SUE: just spontaneously hash-named you: Ed!).
DOUBLE PAY, who drove the entire block from his office to the start, was there and 4×2 was there (Ed: was he?). The Northern Beaches bus produced STARBOARD, ALL FOURS and NEXT WEEK. NODDY was there, apparently to check his original Double Bay address in Cross St (and to clarify that last week was the last run he planned to set, but not, as was implied in MONGREL’s write up last week, the last S2H4 run he intended to make an appearance at: Ed). COLONOSCOPY wandered in, asking questions as usual, and without waiting for a reply, responding with his answer in the form of a new question! BRISTLE arrived closely followed by MOTHER F, who’d for once actually registered before arrival!
At precisely 6:30pm I addressed the pack and assured them there were hills & steps because these are unavoidable given the terrain, however for relief there was a runners walkers split. Off they set runners and walkers towards New South Head Rd and the scenic trail set through Bellevue Hill.
TRIPOD arrived late, followed by BREN GUN, GRANGE, PRETZEL and LAUNDRO all of whom blamed traffic for their late arrival, but none were as late as CHIMNEY (who also blamed traffic for his late arrival!) or MIZ DA BUCKET who Missed da Bus!
LAUNDRO was celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary by donning the t-shirt he was wearing when he first met SUSAN (hi SUSAN, and congrats: Ed!), and having promised her to wine and dine her on Friday evening, he was graciously granted permission to attend the evening, (though his daughter GRACE did pop in to the pub to keep an eye on on him at some stage: Ed). First back to the bucket was the aforementioned CHIMNEY, appearing out of nowhere just after 7pm, apparently he’d been on his own little walk, and had then returned to his car and changed before joining me, followed next by NODDY, who’d been on a senic tour of his old haunts, followed by PRETZEL, and then FRANKLY, who’d wisely short cut along Victoria Rd and the walkers trail. (At least someone found it!)
Now the wait began, and by 7:32 it was obvious I’d stuffed up!
NODDY reminded me how cruel the pack can be if the hare makes a mistake, and, as none of the walkers or runners had returned I was likely in for some abuse! Suddenly at 7:34 two torches appeared in the distance and the runners began to dribble in, but, none of the walkers EEK!
First walker to return was BRISTLE, who’d taken a map and wisely consulted same to shortcut home by 7:45. Still no walkers until nearly 8:00 when the walkers began arriving back, apparently none had found the walkers runners split despite having at least two maps between them.
Fortunately, all’s well that ends well with the final walkers, DOUBLE PAY and MOTHER F, arriving back at the bucket before the circle finished.
AFTERBIRTH stood in as RA, asking CURTSEYING to giving the run report, which with Swiss precision was described as a “well marked trail” (except for the split which no one found) which was a good thing because “he’d had to run alone all night” but none the less the run was worth a creditable “score 9.5”.
A Down Down was awarded to NODDY for firstly last week not actually being his last run, and secondly for nonchalantly becoming a gazillionaire during the course of last week’s run, when a Dutch Auction played two of his mates off against each other and quadrupled the asking order of his abode, a duel that was still taking place whilst he was on the golf course the next day, by which stage he was seemingly rolling in dosh: all good, and we look forward to his shout at the AGM!
Talking of the AGM, a concrete date has yet to be set, but watch this space for confirmed details soon, likely to be a Friday in the earlier half of June.
DOUBLE PAY got a down down for fraternizing with the locals on the run (.. is that a sin nowadays?) and there may well have been other down downs awarded too, but their details slip my (Ed’s!) mind. With the bucket complete it was On Inn to the Sheaf. On On FETCHIT
———————————————- The Scribe has had the following communication from VENERABLE and PLATTERPUSSY about the health of OLLIE, which they’ve asked to be printed in this week’s hash trash..
“Thanks for the get well text, and to COLONOSCOPY for passing on the news of OLLIE’s medical issues, and please forward this to the hash.
‘Ollie is recovering from a mast cell tumer operation. His surgery went for three hours and went well. Pathology classed it as a low grade therefore no oncology. He gets his stitches out Monday’. “
That’s good news indeed. Details of VENERABLE & OLLIE’s run in 2 weeks time were also received, but further details of that will go out in a separate flyer a bit closer to the time, as will details of PRETZEL’s Fünfundachtzigster Geburtstag Run, too, which is happening next month!
And that’s about it..
In lieu of any funnies here are a few ‘this day last year’ images that popped up in the Scribe’s Facebook newsfeed this week, as a reminder of where things were at a year ago.