Tripod’s trifecta

Run 2267

Hare Tripod

What’s better that a Quinella? That’s right a TRIFECTA and Tripod got it, three runs in three weeks!

In a first (for 18 months) the Larrikins entertained the “home catered run” construct, ensuring of course we knew how many were coming for catering purposes. Interestingly many of our subscribers decided that letting the scribe know they weren’t coming was equally important. For information, I couldn’t give a toss if you are not planning to be On!

Was it the “personalised” email that utilises a feature of WordPress and inserts whatever Hash Name you have used to subscribe that compels people to unnecessarily respond? Enough!

Kaffir, it was great to see you Last Week and as requested I checked with Next Week and he assures me you paid at the Christmas run.

It was a pleasant surprise to see visitors / returnees Miz D’Bucket, BYO and Queensland escapee Singapore Sling.

The run took us through the wilds of Longueville skirting the harbour on bush trails and what seemed to be a continuous uphill climb. Six runners started, BYO, Phantom, All Fours, Next Week, Shoes and Fetchit. Phantom short cut home at the first opportunity he saw leaving only 5.

Walking were, D’Manda, Grange, Bristle, Frankly, Chimney, Bren Gun, Singapore Sling, Miz D’Bucket and Mrs Shoes.

Last to return were D’Manda and Miz D’Bucket both loudly accusing the rest of the pack of not marking off checks in the bush. Stand in TM All 4’s called BS. Phantom was called upon to give the run report and from memory gave a credible 9.7 or was it a lousy 7.9?

Missing from the gathering were Impi and the yet unnamed Mrs Impi, possibly because of the weather.

This reminds me, at last week’s circle Lazy Licker (STH3) accused the Larrikins of dawdling when it comes to naming, so he suggested that Mrs Impi should be named “Doesn’t cum too often” and I’d suggest Mrs Shoes could be named “Sox” – alas this is a function of the RA and he’s far too busy setting runs for all you bastards.

With Tripod putting the finishing touches on the burgers, Grange stood in as RA, regaling the pack with tales of Tripod’s romantic side. Monday was a birthday for ‘Cums Infrequently” or is that “comes in frequently”. Either way let’s call her “CI”. Perhaps Tripod forgot, sending a Happy Birthday SMS from the kitchen whilst making himself a cup of tea. Smooth as Tripod appears, he again stood out when asked about the romantic birthday dinner – he’s suggestion a home cooked rack of lamb wasn’t missed, other than his wife expected her needs might usurp Tripod’s wishes, but, this wasn’t to be.

With the circle complete we all sat down to more beer and red wine to wash down the freshly cooked, delicious burgers offered.

Happy Birthday CI, and, many thanks Tripod for another sensational Larrikin run.