Twin Dicks shows us the stairs of Mosman

Nobody actually said anything until after the run, but it seems that Hares are expected to write their own run reports for the Larrikins these days.  No wonder the runs are all so good.  Anyway, we all fronted up at the Alan Border Oval in Mosman, where the first job was to explain the arrows.
The previous day had seen the appearance of a rather cryptic and insulting message from a Poshman pointing out that this run would be in the same area as theirs and couldn’t we learn to be smarter and avoid them.  In reply I pointed out that if non-members could actually access the Posh run information that would help, but as they had become a secret society (anyone know their handshake?) this was unlikely to happen.
However, not wanting to get half-way round the trail and find the Posh arrows confusing even our highly intelligent members, I explained that the arrows used for this trail were slightly unusual.  So the mob set off for a pleasant meander through the area between the Oval and Sirius Cove.  There were quiet streets and laneways, a few checks and on-backs  There were stairs, only down for the walkers but both ways for the other lot, and hills, both up and down.  Unfortunately, starting at virtually the highest point of Mosman meant that the downs came mainly at the beginning of the run and the ups at the end, but that’s hashing for you.
First back, after about 50 minutes, was Ollie, newly shorn, sporting a smart jacket and florescent collar and gamely dragging Venerables behind him.  Other runners soon came in, with the walkers not far behind.  With Mongrel on his way to Adelaide (hopefully by plane so he doesn’t get lost) and the likes of Double Pay and Chimney not willing to confront the Harbour Bridge, it was left to Colonoscopy to bring up the rear, just as the circle was getting started.
With Tripod warming to his new job as RA, the Hare was called for a down-down, along with the new GM to present a run report.  Apparently it was a good trail that everyone enjoyed (except possibly for the stairs up on the runners trail), and was awarded a 9.3 out of 10.  Other down-downs went to MK (? help me out here editor) for missing a runners/walkers split, Venerable, for falling asleep at the table at the AGPU and B (? ditto) for getting pissed at the same function.
And then it was off to the pub for the $16 steaks.